5 tips for removing flawless metallic makeup

Metallic makeup It's a fun beauty trend that includes makeup with a shiny metallic terminate. This makeup creates a modern, futuristic look, and when done right it looks sophisticated and adventurous without looking too over the top. Metallic makeup can be a daunting trend and look like a beauty fad that doesn't translate well without a catwalk light above your head. But against this concern, anyone can apply flawless metallic makeup.

Read on to find out how Make metallic makeup for a smooth, warm and shiny surface.

1. Select Only One


When you commence browsing the collection of metallic makeup products available in the current cosmetic market, it's simple to obtain too excited and want to buy and try it all at once. From lipstick to eye shadow to eyeliner, you have the whole world of metallized beauty tools at your fingertips. However, to avoid looking like a painted robot that has escaped a street art performance, select only one metallizing function for each makeup look.

If you want to apply a liquid lipstick with a metallic terminate to your lips, do not combine it with the corresponding metallic eyeshadow. Instead, use neutral makeup colors that have a matte terminate on your eyes or vice versa. Limiting metals to just one of your facial features like your lips or eyes can create an eye-catching focal point for your makeup without looking too overwhelming.

2. Add color


While metallic makeup products arrive in every hue of the rainbow, traditional metallic colors like silver, gold, black, and navy will look too harsh on your skin and make it look pale. You can still rock the traditional metallic colors in any metallic makeup look. But you should add some color to your look to balance out the harsh metal tones and add warmth to your skin.

If you'd prefer to wear a metallic eyeshadow in silver, gold, or any other traditional metallic shade, give your face a color with a pink, matte blush. Don't go too heavy on the paint; You want your metallic makeup to be the focus of your look. Add a gentle warmth to your skin with bronzer, blush and pink lip colors.

3. Learn the difference between glitter and metal

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Silvery makeup and metallic makeup are two very different things. The glitter makeup contains micro-glitter spots or larger glitter pieces that are obviously shimmering. Metallic makeup, on the other hand, has a glossy terminate, but it has a subtle sheen like steel (hence the name metallic) and is neither shimmery nor shimmery.

                Metallic makeup idea

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Since metallic makeup doesn't shimmer, it can be used to color blocks or create other dramatic, futuristic looks. However, if you mix glitter makeup with metallic makeup and try to use metallic makeup as you normally would, you will not be happy with the results. Glitter makeup is often too bright and noticeable for color blockers and other dramatic looks, and can make you wash your skin or look like a clown.

If you are still unsure how to tell the difference between glitter and metallic makeup products, Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow ($ 21.00). This product is a great example of metallic eyeshadow. It has a pearlescent metallic surface with a fine sheen that doesn't shine or sparkle. It's also available in a wide variety of richly pigmented colors and is extremely durable.

4. Mix surfaces


If you want to try the metallic makeup trend but are scared of it, relax by mixing it up. form metallic surface products with matt products.

You can mix matte eyeshadow with metallic eyeshadow for a subtle sheen that isn't too overwhelming or dramatic for everyday life. For extra shine in this area, blend metallic eyeshadow into the inner corners of your eyes and keep the matte shadows toward the middle and outer edges of your eyes.

When it comes to lipstick, you can apply metallic lipstick in the middle of your lips, near where they stayed. Mix metallic lipstick towards the edges of your lips. Next, apply a darker lipstick with a matte terminate to the edges of your lips and blend it inward for a unique lip look with a finer terminate.

5. Apply metal highlights


Metallic makeup is great for eyes or lips. However, you can also use it strategically as a subtle accent to modernize your makeup look.

You can brush gray metallic eyeshadow over your eyelid as the base color for the rest of the eyeshadow. Or you can put a dot of gold or silver metallic eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyes to brighten your eyes and make them glow. Subtle metallic highlights ensure that your make-up looks neutral enough for everyday life and your make-up looks better.

Metallic makeup doesn't have to scare you. Use the tips in this post to take advantage of this fun modern trend Make metallic makeup great every time. For more make-up tips and tricks, visit prettydesigns.com!

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