10 outfits to make the office look elegant and youthful

When we think of automatic formality, we probably think of a suit that makes us look a bit older, but it doesn't have to be. It's all about looking in the closet for what you're looking for, or you can obtain one or the other piece of clothing that will help you dress formally for work and make you look young and lovely.

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10 outfits that look formal and youthful

1 bag

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It does not have to be a suit jacket, on the contrary, this type of long jacket can be combined with many outfits. It is top if they are brown, white, or black. Now try to wear an all black look to keep it formal. Add your jacket and matching heels.

2 sleeveless

This type of sleeveless blazer or trench coat is great for work, is non-irritating, and doesn't give off as much heat as a trench coat. Choose between neutral or light colors, try to make your outfit in these colors and most importantly, your blouse has the formality you are looking for.

3 jeans

If you are looking for a formal look, but not so much, you can pair a blazer with jeans and try to make the blouse plain and white, black or gray. You can even wear tennis shoes. The trick is to straighten your hair and add some accessories so it doesn't look like an impromptu look.

4 volumes

Take advantage of your black leather pants and create the great formal, sexy and youthful outfit. Joke, of course, it's the blouse that compliments it, but try to wear something long or three-quarter sleeves, dark colors and not too low cut.

5 pleated pants

While it's a great option for those hot days in Magical Town, adding a high-heeled and formal blouse makes it great for the office. Be careful and analyze whether the pants are too bloomy or stranded.

6 pleated skirt

This look is great for almost any time of the year and will make you look great at any meeting. You can wear bright colors, but don't abuse it. It depends on how strict they are in your office, but you can definitely pair this skirt with boots, heels, and a long sleeved blouse for a formal look.

7 pants to the waist

These type of pants are very cool and formal. If your blouse has straps, try not to cut it too lean and too low.

8 blazers

If you have a brightly colored blazer, you can combine it perfectly with formal pants without having to wear heels. Dare to play with colors.

9 Dashboard view

Look for that type of blouse that is great for spring and summer and that won't sweat a lot during the meeting. Pull them tight if you can and add dark pants to add formality.

10 skirt

You can use your skirt for formal wear and for looking super youthful. It is recommended to combine it with a neutral or dark long sleeve blouse.

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