Slow-cooked black beans, quinoa, and sweet potato stew

Filled with hearty, healthy and delicious delicacies from the Southwest, this stew of black beans, quinoa and sweet potatoes is super simple to prepare with a slow cooker! It's great as a weekday dinner and can be cooked in a variety of ways.

The slow cooker is a great device for cooking soups and stews. From where Slow Cooker Tuscan Chicken Stew to roasted red chilliLet it boil as you commence your day, dispose of your dinner and make it simple to serve.

When I cook soups and stews in the slow cooker, I like to look for ones that don't require a roasting phase. This means that it is very simple to measure, mix and set your ingredients for slow cooker cooking!

The great blend of chili powder and cumin is full of hearty, healthy and delicious flavors from the Southwest, with mild sweetness from sweet potatoes and corn, acidity from tomatoes and corn pieces, and black beans.

The reasons for this recipe

  • No frying means it's simple to prepare
  • You can cook in the slow cooker or instant pot
  • You can prepare food in two different ways

record video

Check out the video below to see exactly how I prepared this recipe. As simple as that! You can find more in my recipe videos. Youtube channel!

Content notes

  • Sweet potatoesFor this recipe, you will need 4 cups of cubed sweet potatoes. This is roughly 1 medium sweet potato or two small sweet potatoes. You can peel them off or abandon the skin.
  • Black bean Use canned cooked black beans or cook yourself Immediate container!
  • Andean millet We used white quinoa in this recipe, but any type should work fine
  • Stock, available Use vegetable or chicken broth. The stew can be thicker for some people than others, and this may depend on the type of quinoa. Feel free to add extra broth to dilute the stews to your liking.

Step by step instructions

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