6 culinary trends that mark the modern year

It is more open, more functional, more natural and more efficient, but without compromising design and aesthetics. Then Kitchens and that helps you make more and better compromises and use every inch of space in your home.

Without a doubt, interior design and decoration has been one of the sectors that has withstood the social crisis top caused by COVID-19. After many months of detention at home, most of us have realized the need to adapt our rooms to our modern needs. areas optimized for teleworking, studying, entertainment or sports. More or less, most of us have started out by replacing decorative items or outdated furniture, renovating or remodeling wasted rooms, or even moving houses.

1. Open and integrated kitchens in the room

6 culinary trends that mark the new year


The relationship between kitchen, dining room and living room is designed in such a way that the transition from one room to another is completely fluid and harmonious, eliminating boundaries and making it one large room, multifunctional and very well integrated. share and have fun.

You can do this through installation a common thread in color and furnitureCan follow the full breadth of the field and create a very balanced and consistent dialogue between the fields.

2. White, clean lines and high tech

Betting on sustainability and innovation, Energy efficiencywithout having to forego aesthetics and design. Incoming kitchens are smarter than ever and conclude appliances labeled A +++, A ++, A +, or A, which are the most efficient. So you can save energy and reduce your water, gas and electricity bills. .

3. Natural stone and wood

Over time, a combination of bank and bank Natural stone cover with wooden furniture won't be out of date. Elegant, durable and extremely durable natural stone is one of the top options for dressing our kitchen because it offers extreme resistance to scratches, high temperatures, chemicals in cleaning products, stains and moisture.

4. Minimal and Scandinavian

It's warm, forgiving, light, and full of natural elements, with simple lines and no decorative tricks that add nothing. What's this Scandinavian kitchens It's like those who stole our hearts long ago and will continue to do so for much longer.

Although they can be used in any location, it makes for the balanced and calm environment that they create. Perfect for small kitchens Where it is important to obtain the most out of every inch. Their great allies are natural wood and simple and inconspicuous plants.

5. Rustic and elegant, but urban

You no longer have to live in the countryside to commence rustic decorating. Not to less. Traditionally associated with village life, this style has now become one of the biggest trends in the world. urban housesYou don't always have to dress up in classic dark wood or bold and sturdy furniture.

6. Island kitchens, large showcases and items on display

In this magnificent Santos shelf that we can see in Discesur ShowroomObjects that mimic the traditional use of such furniture that we always place in the living room are fully visible. In this daring propose, the oven and microwave are also integrated into a high buffet.

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