Coastal style cottage for a getaway

Many people today want to flee for a vacation where they can escape the hustle and bustle for a moment. I think bringing the holiday vibe home instead of going on vacation is the top option right now. interior architect Kristy Spencer NSW has successfully turned an ancient air promenade near Glenbrook, Blue Mountains into a beach vacation for their families.

It all started when interior designer Kristy Spencer found an ancient wooden cabin for sale at the base of the lovely Blue Mountains in Glenbrook and realized it was a fabulous place between mountains and sea. In a matter of months, he transformed the three bedroom cottage into lovely beaches that nod to nature around the village of Glenbrook.


Almost the entire cottage is currently under renovation, with the need to create four double bedrooms, the master en-suite bedroom with a free standing bathtub, a formal living room and comfortable spaces throughout. One living room has an open plan dining room that opens into the rear outdoor area, and the back yard is a separate level with built-in seating, a fire pit, and a wooden pizza oven. At first the house looks really boring, which is completely overgrown with mature trees, but Kristy could develop its potential, looking out at the treetops with a very calm afternoon breeze.

Family vacation home

Kristy started this project with her signature style and even she decided to oversee the entire project as the owner and builder. The renovation will be in two steps, with Kristy helping her young sons Blake and Seth, who stayed at home during the first phase. However, there were many troubles that the foundations of the house collapsed during the demolition and needed to be rebuilt and repaired. That means time and money.

Funny beach theme

After construction was completed and decoration began, Kristi's two sons were heavily involved in the plan. Therefore, opting for a fun beach theme makes a lot of sense. It's like spending the vacation indoors, a kind room full of light, lots of natural ventilation, and the feeling of vacationing on the beach, focused on taking the outdoors outside. Fresh flowers and green decor give the house a natural feel, while the minimalist white style and kitchen cabinets on the walls, doors and ceilings give it a lovely seaside charm. Clear, contemporary lines throughout the room underline the architecture and pay homage to the Glenbrook landscape.

Source: Adore magazine

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