40 creative ways to beautify your room with IKEA Ranarp lamps

IKEA is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. Each design is a simple yet elegant style show. It suits modern, minimalist, traditional and many other interiors. Like most IKEA products, these are generally simple to cut and combine with different furniture. Today I was very impressed with the Ranarp lamp from IKEA. So let's see how this lamp can beautify your space.

Ranarp lamps are a unique blend of traditional retro styles and are widely used in modern interiors these days. This lamp has different versions including floor, wall, hanging and height or length can be adjusted according to your needs. And if the variations are still not what you expected, you can asphalt them with different targets and zoomphalt. These lamps are very simple to cut and also great for a wide variety of rooms and interiors. From stylishly modern to retro, from comfortable light sleepers to relaxing dining rooms. With customizable lamp designs, you can easily add lighting to any room you want.


Pendant lights are the most effective way to add a wider range of lighting. Turn the Ranarp lamp into a stylish pendant lamp and place it in any room to enhance the decor and add extra lighting to your space. If you think a Ranarp pendant lamp is still not bright, then you can make multiple chandeliers by adding an elegant aesthetic style. This method is more effective and cheaper than using a pendant lamp at a higher price.

Floor lamp

For those of you who like modern design, use Ranarp lamps as a great floor lamp for any room. This lamp can be a great addition to the living room as a light sleeper or used as a functional reading lamp.

Desk lamp

Basically, the Ranarp lamp by IKEA was designed as a table lamp. Although many people try to commute the function and style, this lamp still works as the top table lamp. Fortunately, in addition to being a desk lamp for the work area or desk, you can place it near the bed, in display cabinets and in certain areas that require additional lighting.

Wall lamp

It can be said that in our list of Ranarp lamps today, the most creative thing to do is to use them as wall sconces. However, it's not as simple as you might think. It takes creativity to keep the light on, to make the light look good and not to fall on the floor. The simplest solution is to combine it with a headboard so that it is easier for you to obtain a working wall light.

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