10 casual winter clothes to avoid looking like an ancient lady

While pants are the top, there are days when we can put together cute casual outfits that go well with the winter season. Perfect for working from home with something you wouldn't look like a Fodonga or an ancient lady covered in a thousand layers of clothing.

10 cozy and warm Christmas outfits to have at home

10 days winter outfit

1 jacket sweater

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These oversized and warm sweaters will transform your look. Also, you will be very comfortable and warm, very simple to combine; Jeans and tennis shoes are sufficient.

2 poncho

The truth is you don't have to look like an ancient lady with panchoes. The joke for not looking chubby is that you don't tie her up (unless it's too cold, of course). But they look very cool when walking.

3 pants

Adding a kind jacket and accessories like a hat, scarf and even earrings doesn't always make you look fat with pants. It changes everything completely.

4 jogger pants

These kind of very comfortable pants, if you are looking for something more comfortable, you can combine them with tennis or ankle boots.

5 cozy sweaters

They are not only very warm, but also very comfortable. You can mix and match them from pants to tights to style your figure.

6 sweater blouse

One of the secrets to looking slender and adding a casual look to your casual winter outfit is to shake off your hair and add earrings when wearing this type of blouse. Thanks to this, it is young, comfortable and stylish.

7 jumpsuit

For a really cozy winter look, take your jumpsuit out of the closet and add a long sleeve blouse if it's a better sweater style. It goes well with tennis shoes and adds a hat.

8 Pichi

Get one of these pretty pichens, add a large blouse and socks to be great. They go well with tennis or ankle boots.

9 sweater dress

Yes, the classic and the easiest and most comfortable look in the world for working from home in winter. If you're too cold, wear a pair of socks, but this look goes with anything.

10 oversized vest

It's a very trendy option these days. You can combine it with a blouse or jeans that you use as a dress and boots.

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