Top 10 Designer Bags for Laptops Perfect for the Office

Are you looking for the top designer bags for notebooks that are stylish, elegant and practical at the same time? So I cognize your pain

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Sometimes all of the bags the designers brought out look like microphones suitable for influencers and practicality is thrown out the window. They do exist, though, although designer bags that fit laptops are more difficult to find. I will share the top of them with you in this post!

The modern year is just around the corner and this always gives us the great opportunity to freshen up. This New Year is especially important as we abandon the disastrous 2020 behind.

We anticipate to be back in our offices in the New Year and I'm here to help take your office style to a whole modern level with a brand modern bag.

I look forward to hanging out with my co-workers, going to meetings and enjoying after-work drinks. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that when we return to our normal life, we should commence taking all of our work items with us wherever we go.

This requires a great office bag. Preferably a designer, of course.

When choosing a designer bag for your laptop, there are three things you need to consider: the size of the bag, its ease of carrying, and how well it fits your personal style.

Here are my tips for the 10 top designer bags for laptops.

10 top designer bags for laptops:

1. Givenchy Antigona in the middle

Best designer bags for laptops: Givenchy Antigona

Carry the bag Nordstrom / To open Selfridges

Even if you don't have an office, most of us carry a laptop or many other things with us every day. The Givenchy Antigona bag goes with everything: even your sportswear. It comes in 3 sizes and many colors, but I would recommend a medium size for laptops.

One of the top things about the Givenchy Antigona bag is the durability of the leather. It's pretty tough and holds up the weight very well. Even if you are someone who does not take very good care of your bags, you can be sure that your sheep sack will remain in great condition for years, no matter how much material you put in it.

Another advantage of the bag is that it comes with a strap so you can carry it in two (or three) ways: by the top cope with, on your shoulder, and maybe even on the cross if you're too small.

2. Dior Book Tote

Simple design bags for laptops: Black Dior Book Tote Best designer bags for notebooks: Dior Book Tote

Buy the bags here: Black Dior Book Tote (Another similar here) / Blue embroidered Dior Book Tote

All of these designer bag samples I've gathered here are pretty neutral in color and pattern, but this Dior stands out in the crowd.

Dior Book Tote comes in many colors and patterns, including the classic Toile de Jouy. It is available in 3 sizes, the larger one is top for laptops.

As you cognize, the Dior Book Tote is a pretty trendy bag. So if you are looking for a classic bag that will never go out of style, this is probably not for you (color like a classic matte black).

Another disadvantage of this bag is that it is very heavy on its own. If you don't walk a lot during the day, that's absolutely fine. However, you might want to visit your local Dior boutique to check the weight before you fall in love with them.

Buy more colors:

3. Prada Large Galleria leather bag

Best designer bags for notebooks: Prada Galleria

Put on the bag. Saks Fifth Avenue (Other colors are available!)

When I found my love for designer bags at the age of 18, Prada Galleria was my biggest dream bag. It's still at the top of my list of practical business bags today. It's a true, timeless classic that will look great in any situation.

You can attach a laptop to the Prada Large Galleria leather case and carry it either with a cross strap (detachable) or by hand.

4. Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

Best designer bags for notebooks: Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

Buy the bag YSL (Other colors are also available!)

If you love Hermes Birkin this bag could be for you. Saint Laurent & # 39; s Sac De Jour incorporates many of Birkin's elements, such as a lock, straps that wrap the bag and the same overall design. Of course, you can buy this for a fraction of the Birkin price.

With its stylish design, plenty of space, and reasonably affordable price tag, it's no wonder this bag has become one of the most popular options among high-paying career women.

The bag is available in different colors and 4 sizes. Large of this is of course top suited for laptops.

5. Chanel Deauville

Designer laptop bags - denim Chanel Deauville

Buy the second hand Deauville bag Stockx /. Vestiaire Collective / Beige version Light Vestiaire Collective

Chanel Deauville is available in multiple colors and two sizes – select the size for laptops. The one in the picture is the one with denim material, but my favorite is the beige one.

This bag is a bit more convenient than the other options I've listed here, so you can expand its use outside of the office. It looks especially kind in summer and is quite large so you can even use it as a luxury beach bag, travel bag or shopping bag. Lots of people prefer to use this as a diaper bag too!

6. Canvas bag with Saint Laurent Rive Gauche logo

Best designer bags for laptops: Rive Gauche Bag from YSL

Buy the bag Nordstrom

YSL Rive Gauche Logo Canvas Tote is a more convenient laptop designer bag option. Although it is convenient, it is still suitable for work. It's great for everyday use and will suit most occasions. It is available in black and beige colors and will easily match your laptop and all your daily needs.

7. Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Best office bags: Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Getting started Farfetch

Neverfull is a true classic that suits everyone. As the name suggests, you can fit anything you need and more into it. With its long handles, this bag can easily be carried on the shoulder even when it becomes heavy. And let's face it, it's going to be tough as you can easily fit in it all your life.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull is available in 3 sizes and 3 classic monogram colors. The choice of monogram colors varies according to the season. GM (large) and MM (medium) are top for laptops.

8. Louis Vuitton on the move

Best designer bags for laptops: Louis Vuitton On The Go

Put on the bag. Louis Vuitton / Second hand Vestiare Collective

The On The Go bag continues the Louis Vuitton bags and brings a modern take on the classic Neverfull. It's definitely more extravagant than Neverfull. So if you're not a enormous logo fanatic, this is not for you.

The kind thing about this bag is that the other side of the bag is a reverse monogram color – you essentially obtain two looks for the price of one!

In addition to the top handles in the bag, there are two shoulder straps that allow you to easily carry this bag on your shoulder when it gets heavy. It is available in GM (large) and MM (medium) sizes, both of which are suitable for a laptop.

9. Stella McCartney Falabella

Best designer bags for notebooks: Stella McCartney Falabella

Buy the bag Nordstrom

If sustainability is important to you, the Falabella bag is definitely worth considering. In addition to being a timeless classic, this bag is cruelty-free as it is made of artificial deerskin.

This bag has a small more sides than the other bags I've gathered here, and it's great if you prefer understated pieces. It also fits well and is pretty affordable – it usually costs around $ 1,100.

This bag is available in several colors for leather and chain. The small bag (ironically) comes in 3 sizes that are top for laptops.

10.YSL Large Tribeca quilted calfskin bag

Best designer bags for notebooks: Black YSL Tribeca Tote

Buy the bag Nordstrom

With the classic combination of black and gold, YSL Tribeca looks great with almost anything. It's a cheaper version of the Chanel tote bag, but looks almost the same.

You can't go wrong with such a luxury laptop bag. Long shoulder straps make the bag simple to carry.

Bonus: YSL shopping bag

Best office bags: beige YSL shopping bag

Put on the bag. YSL /. Nordstrom

Here is an additional designer bag suitable for laptops: YSL Shopping Tote. I chose this because it is a simple bag with almost no logo visible. This is a great option when you don't want to wear flashy clothes to work.

Similar to the classic LV Neverfull, this bag will fit your whole life. This color in the picture is called Marble Pink and the bag has gold-colored, worn hardware. Absolutely great!

Here are my tips for the 10 top designer bags for laptops. Which one would you select as your designer laptop bag?

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