10 creative ways to transform the attic into a functional space

In addition to being at the very top of the house, the attic is often considered to be the most useful room in the house as only dust and a small sunlight fall into the attic. Attics are also synonymous with stuffy and tight spaces and mostly go unnoticed. If the attic is only used as a warehouse or is storing your ancient items, today I want to commute your mind about the attic. This is a creative way to move from the loft to the cozy bedroom to the family's preferred sunbathing area to functional spaces. The curved shape of the roof offers an advantage and adds to the aesthetic impression that other rooms cannot obtain.

Don't let your attic become a scary place, you can redecorate the attic while enjoying the view of the sky at night. The attic is the top place to hide from daily activities or to relax. The attic, which is no different from other rooms in the house, can also be a useful space depending on your creativity!

1. There is enough space in the attic. You can even put the master bedroom in this room. Shape the sloping roof with a skylight so you can enjoy the night and watch the stars from the roof.

2. Would you like to have an extra bathroom? If the other room is too small, you can make a bathroom in the attic. Create a cozy bathroom with a bathtub and medieval style. You can open it up a bit without worrying about compromising your privacy.

3. It can also be used as an attic closet for fashion lovers. You can add hangers and storage cabinets to hold all of your clothing or clothing collection.

4. You must have a large collection of books for those who enjoy reading. Using the attic as a home library is a great way to have peace of mind while reading. Use wall shelves for the library, other areas can be used as a reading room.

5. For home workers, the attic can also be turned into a fun home office. In this room you can work quietly and even obtain inspiration because it is very supportive of your work.

6. The attic, which isn't always scary, can also be a bedroom for fun kids. Add bright colors and fun kids' furniture to spice up the loft and make it kid-friendly.

7. Would you like a relaxing space for your guests? The loft in the living room is the top solution for this. When you place a cozy sofa with a large, warm rug, you are just additional lighting for the great space.

8. Not all houses have a large area specially designed for building a playroom. Turn your attic into a fun space. The kids will love it and be able to play unhindered.

9. This corner is a convenient place to curl up with a good book. The reading corner in the attic is my favorite because it's the quietest and most comfortable place to read.

10. In the last sequence I have a loft idea for the winter garden. It's upstairs in the house because the sun can enter the room more easily.

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