8 unique wall decorations made from unexpected items

For those who want a modern atmosphere, home wall decor is the easiest and funnest way. There are currently many wall hangers out there that are easily accessible with different options depending on your preference. However, for some reason, the wall hangers sold in stores seem normal. If you want to show off something unique for your walls, try creating some DIY projects with unexpected items that will be turned into wall decorations. Making wall decorations from household items not only increases your budget, it also increases your creativity. Today I have collected 8 unique wall decorations from unexpected items that will help you obtain the top wall decorations!

1. The wall of the hat

Tropical decoration is very popular right now because it gives the home a holiday feel. The wall decorations are not only unique, they also reflect the holiday mood of this hat with the weave in the shape of a hat. It will remind you of the beach and warm sunshine when you go on vacation.

2. Medallion ceiling

Ceiling medallions convey a medieval flair when you use them as wall decorations. For maximum view of the wall, select different shapes and sizes and place them in a group.

Basket wall

These wicker baskets are my favorite and I have several collections. With this wall decor option, you can have a bohemian style as well as a bit of the holiday vibe.

4. Cup wall

Do you have a large collection of glasses or mugs? Create a mug or shelf holder that hangs on the wall of your kitchen or coffee station and you can display different collections there. This mug collection can be a cool wall decor as well as practical and simple to find when you need it.

5. Book wall

Are you a book collector or a reading hobbyist? It is a shame you have your ancient books stacked in the warehouse. So why not try using those ancient books for great wall decorations? The trick is, all you have to do is glue the used books onto an interesting piece of wall art and arrange them.

6. Spoon wall

If we only knew that spoons are just dishes, today I'll show you how a spoon can be turned into a work of art on the wall. In this case, a wooden spoon offers more artistic value than a plastic or stainless steel spoon.

7. Panel wall

Don't let your lovely collection of plates dust the cupboard. If you have a large collection of lovely prings with different motifs, you can use them in an attractive wall decoration. Place them in the dining room for a unique effect on the walls.

8. Vinyl record wall

Are you a fan of classical music? If so, you should have an LP collection and a private area to play them. Instead of having to keep the LP collection on a shelf or cabinet, you can even use it as an elegant wall decoration with a vintage look.

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