25 Easy and Unique Crafts That You Can Make and Sell for the Extra Money

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If you are a smart person who loves creating DIY gifts for friends and family, why not use those skills and sell unique crafts online for extra cash?

With the rise of Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, and Shopify, it's easier than ever to turn your passion into profit! There are numerous success stories of artisans like Alicia Shaffer becoming entrepreneurs. Three bird's nestEarn $ 70,000 a month with Etsy before starting their own website for the brand.

While stories like Alicia's are not entirely normal, casual masters like you and me can still make a bit more money as an online side-by job. From mason jar crafts, knitted blankets, Cricut mats (very popular!), Soaps, and bath bombs, to seasonal crafts like wreaths, there are many different ways you can turn arts and crafts into profit.

The possibilities are really endless! All you need to seek is your passion and really good at creating the custom made product that you want to sell.

Below, I've listed 25 unique and cool craft ideas that you can copy, craft, and sell on Etsy. They all arrive with tutorials so it's time to commence tinkering!

1. Painted marble wine glasses

Get the workout Something turquoise

2.DIY web basket

Get the workout Small yellow wheelbarrow

3. Compressed flower frame

Get the workout Lily Ardor

4. Fabric pumpkins made from ancient socks

Get the workout A woman with a good cause

5. Marbles resin wood cup

Get the workout Resin Crafts Blog

6.DIY Sharpie cups

Get the workout Feel stylish

7. Clay sheet plate

Get the workout Best ideas for kids

8.Glitter mason jar

Get the workout KA styles

9. Ombre glitter mason jars

Get the workout KA styles

10. Wool felt ball shell

Get the workout Inspired by charm

11. Sea Shell Artwork

Get the workout Feel stylish

12. Cinnamon stick candles

Get the workout Best vinyl mess

13. Onion aquarium

Get the workout Soap Deli News

14. Big Yarn Knit Blanket

Get the workout Sew mom

15. Homemade rose hip soap

Get the workout Grow, feed, cook, ferment

16. Moisturizing bath bombs

Get the workout Country Hill Cottage

17. Cricut DIY doormat

Get the workout Glitter and Graze

18. Effortless lavender sugar cream

Get the workout April go simple

19. Personalized compartment

Get the workout Rachel Teodoro

20. Glass embroidered vases

Get the workout Pretty handy girl

21. Snow Mason Jar Fixtures

Get the workout Instrupix

22.DIY ironed cups using Cricut Easy Press Mini

About picture Navage patch

23. Counterfeit insect taxidermy

Get the workout The assembled house

24. Autumn embroidery hoop wreath

Get the workout 2 bees in one chamber

25. Metallic Rope Toss Basket

Get the workout Lydia loudly

Which of these crafts are you going to try? BTW, if you own an Etsy shop, please abandon the link in the comment section, I'd love to try it out!

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