7 Best Landing Stairs Will Coziest For Your Home

Have you ever felt tired when accessing stairs? If you have a ladder at home, this might happen because on your stairs there is no break or space to rest, especially if the stairs in your house are high enough to make your feet very tired. Areas of stairs for foot rest is what is called the landing stairs. Usually landing stairs have a small size, but you can also decorate them to be more attractive by including various kinds of decorations so that you can feel comfortable each time you want to access the stairs at home.

Basically, landing stairs still in the middle of the ladder and become part of the stairs, just have a larger size. Because the size is wider than stairs in general, you can make landing stairs more comfortable and functional by placing various decorations or furniture. Today I have collected 7 of the top landing stair designs that you can use as inspiration for stairs at home. Scroll down and stay tuned!

1. The first idea comes by building a reading corner on the landing stairs. The large set of windows allow you to see the view outside. This area is not only a place to rest his legs, but can also be a comfortable area to curl up with a favorite book

2. Soon the end of the year, and Christmas is the Trendy anticipated holiday celebration. Make Christmas decorations in the landing stairs is a good idea to make a statement. The great thing is, you can commute with a different theme depending on what decoration you want to display

3. If you really need extra space to rest when accessing the stairs, try building two landing stairs in one ladder. This idea is very comfortable and adds to your interior aesthetic

4. Displaying photos or wall art on landing stairs is a cool, functional way. You can stop for a moment to see family photos or your life journey from childhood until now

5. The landing stairs design is equipped with a high enough vertical window. When you arrive in the middle of the ladder, you can rest while looking at the view was refreshing. Although simple, but its modern design with a combination of wooden stairs makes it look elegant

6. If you have a hobby of reading and like to collect various kinds of books, then the idea of landing stairs with this mini library should be on your list. Small areas can be circumvented by placing a wall rack for your collection of books

7. Small or minimalist home designs usually don’t have much space to organize the room or place essential parts such as doors. Placing door on the landing stairs might be a good solution, especially for those of you who need a solution to save space

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