50+ Gorgeous Winter Nails & Nail Art Designs That You’ll Love

Are you looking for Sweet winter nails and winter nail art designs that you can recreate at your local salon? If so, this post is great for you!

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When you think of winter, you automatically think of a certain color scheme: there’s winter whites, blues, silvers, gold, vampy burgundy and of course, the Christmas reds. No matter what nail colors you normally go for, you can easily adjust your normal color palette to conclude more cool tones that mesh well with winter.

Below, I’ve listed 50+ astonishing winter nail art ideas that range in their difficulty: some are really simple to recreate at home yourself, whereas other conclude nail decals and stickers (such as these $2 snowflake nail stickers from Etsy) and acrylic nail art that’s better left for the professionals.

No matter what nail color you’re after or what length your nails are, these nail designs are great for inspiration!

Now, without further ado, let’s jump into the nail art!


1. Shades Of Nature



Image Via @_EricaShaw



2. Baby Blue



Image Via Pinterest



3. Pretty Snowflakes



Image Via @Lieve91



4. Gunmetal



Image Via @Nailsophiek



5. Candy Cane Colors



Image Via @Nailart.Stella



6. Naturally Neutral



Image Via Pinterest



7. Burgundy & Plaid



Image Via @NailsByMel



8. Wrapped In Foil



Image Via Pinterest



9. Criss Cross



Image Via Pinterest



10. Winter Whites



Image Via @_Naildesignn_



11. Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice



Image Via @Elina.Nails.Art


12. Ice Cold



Image Via @Merlin Nails



13. Green Marble



Image Via @Kadyntseva Nails



14. Mauve Over



Image Via Pinterest



15. Sprinkle Of Glitter



Image Via @Teklanails



16. Leaf Me Be



Image Via Pinterest



17. Gold Digger



Image Via Pinterest



18. Touch Of Texture



Image Via @Agnesnails.Stylizacjapaznokci



19. Blue Me Away



Image Via Pinterest


20. Hint Of Animal Print



Image Via Pinterest



21. Touch Of Gold



Image Via Pinterest



22. Snow Me White



Image Via @NailbyVan82



23. Pretty In Pink



Image Via Pinterest



24. Split Decision 



Image Via @Nailartist Natali



25. Short & Sweet



Image Via Pinterest



26. Autumnal Burgundy



Image Via Pinterest



27. Bad & Boujee 



Image Via Pinterest



28. Steel & Sparkles



Image Via Pinterest



29.  Emerald Blaze



Image Via @Chaunlegend



30. Matte Pink



Image Via @MrTrungnguyen



31. Glossy Gray



Image Via Pinterest



32. Pink Marble



Image Via @Lee_6ixnails



33. Fall Hues



Image Via Pinterest



34. Time To Shine



Image Via Pinterest



35. Merry & Bright



Image Via @Nails_MK



36. Vamp & Camp



Image Via Pinterest



37. Gradient Nudes



Image Via Pinterest



38. Midnight Sky



Image Via Pinterest



39. Snowflakes & Snowstorm



Image Via Pinterest



40. Shades Of Purple



Image Via @Nailsrnd



41. The Galaxy On Your Fingertips



Image Via Pinterest



42. Christmas Time



Image Via @NailCocktail



43. Caviar Bar



Image Via Pinterest



44. Stone Cold



Image Via @Dianova.Elstile



45. Neutral & Glam



Image Via @NaailsbyBella



46. Burberry Inspired



Image Via @YesicasNails



47. Sky Blue



Image Via @Home_of_Deva



48. Nice & Neutral



Image Via Pinterest



49. Matte Purples



Image Via Pinterest



50. Everyday Glam



Image Via @Merlin Nails



51. Sparkles & Glitter



Image Via @MargaritasNailz


52. Mix & Match



Image Via @Nails__Ru


Which of these winter nails and winter nail art designs was your favorite? Let me cognize in the comments!

Also, make sure to save your favorite nail designs on Pinterest, so that you can find them quicker when it’s time to obtain your nails done!


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