Easy Mulled Wine Recipe – Sugar and Charm

An simple, traditional recipe for mulled wine. It’s a great, warm cocktail for cozy winter days and holiday parties.

Mulled wine with cinnamon and orange slice

If you love to relax with a glass of wine at night, then you’ll love this simple mulled wine recipe! It’s made on the stovetop with spices, red wine, and apple cider. The flavors beautifully, blend together, creating the great warm cocktail to enjoy by the fire.

For those of you who are fans of deep wine flavors, mulled wine offers the great blend of sweet, spicy, and oaky. Even if you’re not usually a red wine drinker, mulled wine can bring you around to its relaxing, full-bodied world. It’s almost like a warm version of sangria but filled with winter spices like cinnamon and cloves.

mulled wine recipe in glasses with orange class and cinnamon sticks

It’s great to serve if you’re hosting any fall or winter gathering, especially outside as a cup of this warms the soul. Another profit is that it cooks very slowly on the stovetop and creates the Trendy lovely aromas throughout the house.

Before we share the recipe below, let’s dive into mulled wine a small more so you’ll cognize everything about this delicious drink.

mulled wine with orange slice

What is Mulled Wine?

It is usually red wine such as merlot or mal bac. In Europe, it’s common for mulled wine to obtain served warm on nippy evenings in local pubs. In the US, it’s popular for folks to serve mulled wine during the holidays.

Mulled wine generally gets served with orange and spices like cinnamon and star anise. And a small brandy rounds it all off. 

Why Is It Called Mulled Wine?

Mulling is a word that means thinking deeply or at length about something. And mulled wine needs to be simmered at length, anywhere from fifteen minutes to three hours.

During that time, the wine is able to deeply drink on the flavors of the spices and fruit that are warming up to it, just as a scholar ponders deeply over profound ideas. And that’s something to mull over!

Ingredients to make mulled wine

How To Make Mulled Wine


Red Wine – A cabernet is great. You don’t need a fancy bottle to make this.

Apple Cider – Pressed, organic apple cider without any added sugar is always top. It’s simple to find in the grocery store starting in September

Honey – We use honey as the sweetened for our recipe because it’s the top way to naturally sweeten the wine. It melts perfectly when simmered with the other ingredients.

Cloves – You’ll want to buy whole cloves which you can find in the spice section at any grocery store.

Cinnamon Sticks – Find whole cinnamon in the spice section at any grocery store.

Orange Zest and Juice – The orange zest adds so much flavor and scent. You will zest the orange first, then use that orange to squeeze fresh juice to add into the pot as well.

zesting orange


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