40+ Gorgeous Fall Nail Designs That You Need To See

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Are you looking for Sweet and unique fall nail designs that you can recreate at home or at the nail salon? If so, you’re in the right place!

Fall is known for muted colors, cozy sweaters, falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and spending time at home. The color scheme is usually a mix of burnt orange, browns, nudes, golds, and even understated greens and blues. If you want to see the top fall nail ideas and nail art using these color schemes, keep on reading!

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 1. Fall Colors



Image Via @Shuey_Cortez



2. Falling Leaves



Image Via Pinterest



3. Animal Print



Image Via Mint Arrow



4. Touch Of Gold


Image Via Pinterest



5. Tortoiseshell 


Image Via @CharsGelNails_



6. Shades Of Orange



Image Via @Shopchikkitas_nails



7. Pumpkin Spice Latte


Image Via Pinterest



8. Pumpkin Patch


Image Via Mint Arrow



9. Marble & Glitter


Image Via Pinterest



10. Toned Down Blue



Image Via @StephGlamNailz



11. Matte Autumnal Nails


Image Via @Blossomss.ss



12. Brown x Pumpkin


Image Via Pinterest


13. Burgundy Red



Image Via @NailsByMel



14. Cute Pastels


Image Via Pinterest



15. Burberry Plaids



Image Via @NailArt_ByGracie


16. Sunflowers


Image Via @nailsfascination



17. Glitter & Sparkles


Image Via Pinterest



18. Coffee Colors


Image Via Pinterest



19. Matte Pastels


Image Via Pinterest



20. Fall Leaves & Sparkles


Image Via @CelesteLaureen



21. Black x Pink


Image Via Pinterest



22. Glitterati


Image Via @NailsByDanielle



23. Leaf Art


Image Via @Leanntran192



24. Nude & Sparkle


Image Via @Nailsontop_NK



25. Star Gazing


Image Via @Sonalicious.com



26. Leaf Decals


Image Via @NailsUponATime



27. Hint Of Glam


Image Via Pinterest



28. New Growth


Image Via Pinterest



29. Party Appropriate


Image Via Pinterest



30. Candy Cane Nails


Image Via Pinterest



31. Burberry Nails


Image Via Pinterest


32. Flashy Orange 

Image Via @YesicasNails



33. Autumnal Colors


Image Via  @DeannaSelmaschuk



34. Green, Cream & Glitter


Image Via Pinterest



35. Matte Mosaics


Image Via @_OK_Nails



36. Burnt Orange


Image Via @nailz.by.nayeli



37. Sparkling Leaves


Image Via @nailsbynurse



38. Plaid Pumpkin


Image Via @NailArt_ByGracie



39. Glam In Dark Brown


Image Via Pinterest



40. Autumnal Burgundy


Image Via Pinterest



41. Criss Cross


Image Via @luzpantoja127



42. Matte Burgundy


Image Via Pinterest



43. Navy Blue


Image Via @Elinasnailart


44. Winter Whites


Image Via Pinterest



45. Golden & Metallic


Image Via @solinsnaglar


46. Burnt Orange & Transparent


Image Via @DallasJNails



47. Cream & Glitter


Image Via Pinterest


48. Taupe & Glossy


Image Via Pinterest

Which of these nail designs was your favorite? Let me cognize in the comments, and make sure to save your favorites to Pinterest!

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