50+ Cute & Cool Halloween Makeup Looks To Recreate This Year

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Are you looking for inspiring Halloween looks that you can replicate this year to go with your costume? If so, this post is great for you!

Whether you’re looking for Sweet or scary looks, these astonishing makeup ideas are going to blow you away with how creative they are! From creepy clown makeup to playful cartoon makeup to hot and seductive looks and everything in between, there’s something to go with everyone’s Halloween costume.

Many of these looks are simple enough to recreate even if you feel like you don’t have the makeup skills of James Charles or NikkiTutorials. However, there are also some looks that will be a small bit more challenging to reproduce. Whatever your skill level, the important bit is to have fun with your makeup and obtain inspired from these looks – perfection isn’t necessary!

Now, let’s jump right into the looks!


1. Glow In The Dark Makeup Mask


Image Via @Muamafia2



2. The Joker


Image Via Pinterest



3. Cute Pennywise


Image Via @MakeupByOliviaRaee



4. Dead On The Inside


Image Via @rebeccaseals



5. Mythical Creature


Image Via Pinterest



6. Cruella De Vil


Image Via Pinterest



7. Chucky The Doll


Image Via Pinterest



8. Bloody Tears


Image Via Pinterest



9. Scarecrow


Image Via Pinterest



10. Simple Stitched Lips


Image Via @April_Christinaa



11. Dead Doll

Image Via Pinterest



12. Medusa


Image Via @Mochlath / Tutorial on YouTube



13. Queen Of Everything


Image Via Pinterest



14. Half Devil


Image Via @Withlove.Nadia



15. Jigsaw


Image Via Love This Pic



16. Hit By Lightning 


Image Via @TijerarayeMUA



17. Cheshire Cat 


Image Via Pinterest



18. Elegant Skull Makeup


Image Via Pinterest



19. Beetlejuice


Image Via @SarahMcGonagall



20. Scar From Lion King


Image Via @PromiseTamang



21. Pretty Scarecrow


Image Via @BangTsikiTsiki



22. Cute Clown


Image Via Pinterest



23. Creepy Spider Makeup 


Image Via Pinterest



24. Shiny Alien


Image Via @AbbyRoberts



25. Dead Bride


Image Via @ByBrookelle



26. Fortuneteller


Image Via @ByBrookelle



27. Cute Vampire


Image Via @SarinaNexie



28. Nightmare Before Christmas


Image Via @Elektra_Amber



29. The Third Eye


Image Via Pinterest



30. Creepy But Pretty


Image Via @Mila__MUA

31. Cute Werewolf

Image Via Pinterest



32. Cute Scarecrow


Image Via Pinterest



33. Red Hot Devil


Image Via Pinterest



34. Cheshire Cat


Image Via Pinterest



35. The Corpse Bride


Image Via Pinterest



36. The Evil Queen


Image Via @ByBrookelle



37. Queen Of Hearts


Image Via Pinterest



38. Egyptian Pharao 


Image Via Pinterest



39. Violet Beauregarde


Image Via @EllieAddis 



40. Spooky Skull

Image Via Pinterest



41. Seeing Double


Image Via @Lunafortun



42. Space Being


Image Via Pinterest



43. Devil Horns


Image Via Pinterest



44. Pin Up Wonder Woman


Image Via Pinterest



45. Carved Pumpkin


Image Via @NicoleFrancisss__



46. Golden Cleopatra


Image Via Pinterest



47. Colorful Clown


Image Via @Typical_White_Girl_Sfx 



48. Behind A Mask


Image Via Pinterest



49. Harley Quinn


Image Via Pinterest



50. Decoded


Image Via Pinterest



51. Astrological


Image Via Pinterest



52. Cruella De Vil


Image Via Pinterest



53. Two Faced


Image Via Pinterest


Which of these was your favorite? Personally, I love all of them, but number 39 with Violet from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory has to be one of the top unique looks that I’ve listed here!

By the way, if you want to see more astonishing Halloween makeup looks, or maybe you want to browse Halloween costumes or nail art, check out the blog posts below!


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