30+ Hot & Creative Halloween Costumes For Women That You’ll Love


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If you’re looking for creative and hot Halloween costumes to recreate this year, you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re going after a Sweet, simple DIY look or you want to blow everyone out of the water with a smoking hot costume, these Halloween looks are great for inspiration.

So, if you don’t yet have an idea about what you want to be this Halloween, hopefully you’ll cognize by the end of this post! You can find similar costumes to the one’s that I’ve listed here on Walmart, Target and even Etsy for an reasonable price.

Now, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the costumes!


1. Violet From Charlie & The Chocolate Factory


Image Via Ellie Addis



2. Mummies


Image Via Pinterest



3. Fortune Teller


Image Via Wild One Forever



4. Cruella De Vil


Image Via  @lori_harvey_



5. Kim Kardashian


Image Via Pinterest



6. Belle From Beauty & The Beast


Image Via Cleo Madison



7. Regina George From Mean Girls


Image Via @CaitlinBea



8. The Day Of The Dead


Image Via Pinterest



9. Simple Ghost Costume


Image Via Pinterest



10. 60’s Girls


Image Via Pinterest



11. Modern Ninja


Image Via Pinterest



12. Pirates


Image Via Pinterest



13. Riverdale Vixens


Image Via @mesciatwinsofficial

14. Daphne & Velma


Image Via Pinterest



15. Kill Bill


Image Via @Cindy Kimberly



16. Hot Cop


Get The Outfit On Fashion Nova



17. Winnie The Pooh


Image Via Pinterest



18.  Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace


Image Via Pinterest



19. Rainbow Troll


Image Via Ashley Berleen



20. Gangsters


Image Via Pinterest



21. Scarecrow


Image Via Pinterest



22. Pulp Fiction


Image Via Pinterest



23. Violet Beauregarde


Image Via Pinterest



24. Velma & Daphne


Image Via @Lilia



25. Dead Bride


Image Via @Polly Marchant



26. Ringleader


Image Via Pinterest


27. Wednesday Adams


Image Via Pinterest



28. Lilo & Stitch


Image Via Pinterest



29. Welcome To The Circus


Image Via Pinterest



30. Nuns


Image Via Pinterest



31. Hot Ninja


Image Via @Beatrice Bouchard



32. Emperor Cuzco


Image Via Buzzfeed



33. Angel & Devil


Image Via @Madison Beer

Which of these was your favorite? Are you going to recreate any of the looks this year? Let me cognize in the comments!


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