A Detailed Aztec Healing Clay Review For Skin & Hair

Sometimes taking care of you hair and skin might seem difficult and you might wonder what you need to buy to make your life easier. Aztec healing clay has many benefits that can help develop your skin and hair in just one use. This detailed Aztec healing clay review will help you cognize if Aztec healing clay is great for you. 

Aztec healing clay review

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Aztec Healing Clay Review

What Is Aztec Healing Clay ?

Aztec healing clay is made of 100% natural calcium bentonite clay and became very popular in 2019. It is top cognize for its healing properties and how astonishing it is for your skin and hair.

Why Did I Buy It ?

The first time I heard about Aztec healing clay was through a natural hair video. I don’t cognize which because I watch a lot and it was a long time ago.

The main thing that interested me was its ability to define my curls, help with hair growth and also help to develop the health of my hair. Then when I started doing more research about it, I found out it also was a great face mask. Many people were using this mask for acne and getting rid of their pimples.

Once I knew these things I knew immediately had to try this mask for my hair and my skin.

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Benefits Of An Aztec Healing Clay Mask For Hair & Skin


  • Draws out toxin from your skin
  • Heals acne
  • Unclogs skin pores
  • Prevents blackheads
  • Tones and tightens skin
  • Brightens skin
  • Evens out your skin tone
  • Reduces the appearances of scars
  • Gets rid of dandruff
  • Aids Hair Growth
  • Clarifies hair
  • Tames frizz and flyaways
  • Defines curl
  • Moisturises your hair

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  • It can sometimes be difficult to wash out of your hair especially if it is thick and curly. However, if you take your time it will arrive out.
  • It can also be messy to apply if you make the mask too lean so you should wear something you don’t mind getting dirty.

Aztec Healing Clay Mask Recipe

Recipe For Hair:

How To Apply the Mask:

      1. Mix all the products together in a plastic bowl and spoon. Don’t use metal otherwise, the properties of the mask will deactivate.
      2. Put your hair into small sections for better application.
      3. Start applying the maks using your hands or an applicator.
      4. After all of your hair is covered. Wait for the maks to dry before washing it out.
      5. Rinse it out using warm water and/shampoo. Make sure you obtain all of it out before carrying on with your wash day routine.

Aztec healing clay review

Recipe For Skin:

  • In terms of skin, you do the same amount of clay to apple cider vinegar.
  • For example 1 tablespoon of clay and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  • You really don’t need too much

How To Apply The Mask:

  1. Mix all the products together in a plastic bowl and spoon. Don’t use metal otherwise, the properties of the mask will deactivate.
  2. You can use your fingers to apply the mask or a brush I use this one.
  3. Let the mask dry completely then remove using warm water and a facial cloth you don’t mind getting dirty. You don’t exactly need a cloth but it speeds up the process of removing it.

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Aztec healing clay review

How Should Different Hair Types and Skin Types Use The Mask ?

This aztec healing clay mask is top for oily skin because of how strong the mask actually is. If you have oily skin you can use this mask up to 3 times a week. It just depends on what you think your skin needs. If you have dry or sensitive skin, it is top to use the mask only once a week.

In the winter you should be careful of how many times you use the mask on your face because it can be a bit harsh.

In terms of hair, you can use it once a week to once a month. It really just depends on how your hair feels. I normally use it bi-weekly and I have thick 4a hair.

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Aztec healing clay review


Why Do You Need This Clay Mask ?

Ultimately, this clay mask is a great investment in your beauty routine. Using aztec healing clay on your face could reduce the need for the excessive products and make washing your hair a breeze.

Aztec healing clay is normally $10 depending on where you buy it from. A small goes a long way since the clay is very strong. This means it is great value and will last a long time.

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How Did It Help Me ?

Using the aztec clay healing mask on my hair has made my wash day quicker because it make detangling me hair easier. I am able to clarify my hair without using sulphates which is exactly astonishing. It also makes my hair very soft and the curl definition I obtain is crazy. I’ve been using this mask on my hair for 2 years now on almost each wash day and I’ve retained so much length. Without it, I’m not sure my hair would be as long as it is now.

When I started using the aztec healing clay mask on my skin, I noticed it has reduced how often I breakout and helped to obtain rid of my blackheads. My skin is also much brighter after I use it. It does abandon my skin a bit red at first but that is because I have sensitive skin. I have never had really bad acne so I can’t how it helped with that but there are many examples all over youtube if you would like to see this.

Aztec healing clay review

Overall, I think you should definitely try Aztec healing clay for yourself to see how much it can help you.

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That’s all for today. I anticipate this review was informative and helped you seek the benefits of Aztec healing clay. If you have any question abandon a comment with your email and I will answer any questions you have. I anticipate you have a great day!

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Aztec healing clay review

Aztec healing clay review

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