Minimalist and simple interior in warm colors

The futuristic touch of the game lighting contrasts with a minimalist interior style. This project is particularly interesting because the apartment is located in a panel house, so construction and renovation are minimal. Designed by AE ArchitectsPark Peredelkino Middle is an apartment for a young couple with children. Instead of building a wall, the partition between the corridor and the living room is replaced by a vertical module that serves as a storage. The ceiling height is low, only 2.7 meters determine the simple concept of this interior. Vertical lines that are visible in the hallway appear even in the private sleeping area, even across the circle. Many use natural materials in warm colors with different textures to make the interior look impressive and to propose passengers comfort.

An interesting and elegant combination of a living room and a home office in an 85 square meter apartment in Moscow. Soft colors are evident in the choice of furniture, the use of sofas and wooden elements.

A warm nuance is achieved through the large wooden panel that is greeted in front of the main door. The lighting game highlights the modern impression of additional lighting that we can see anywhere in the apartment.

The central room of this apartment. The corner sofa, home office and TV unit are balanced between private life, work and entertainment.

To distinguish other areas without a partition, the home office uses touch wood that encases almost every piece. It is also equipped with air conditioning to maintain comfort and stay productive at work from home.

The kitchen is kept to a minimum with white tones and dramatic accents. A luxurious impression that results from the selection of marble walls that stand out from the simple color.

The dining room also looks minimalistic as an ideal layout, but still looks comfortable and bright. It is located near a large window through which natural light can enter. The mirror is also very useful to make a wide impression in the original size.

The master bedroom looks more masculine but still warm. TV set mounted on the wall of the room as an entertainment medium during the night.

The children's room attracts less attention. Because of the furniture selection and the natural accents of wood, the Scandinavian touch is very thick here. Swing into the bedroom with a playroom, a storage wall and a unique storage ladder.

The playroom combines a bedroom and has its own desk, blackboard walls and cloud lights in warm weather.

The small bathroom doesn't really feel cramped. Touch lighting continues to be used as an attractive design line. Each section is for convenience and simple access to everything needed as storage space and cupboards under the sink.

There is also lighting around the bathroom mirror. Make the bath time more fun.

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