17 artistic window treatments to enlarge your space

Traditional curtains or blinds are classic and the most popular option for decorating windows and providing privacy. Changing window covers is the quickest and easiest way to fundamentally commute a room. Whether your window overlooks a dramatic landscape or just your own garden, lovely window care makes the look even better.

In addition to choosing the curtains, you can be creative and decorate the windows with alternatives. And although most of them are not functional, they propose style and you can do DIY projects over the weekend. It is very simple and fast to implement most of these DIY window treatment ideas, but they look fantastic. From entertainment to sophistication, you'll find every decor and style that suits every budget. For example, if you want a rustic inspired look, you can hang up a burlap window treatment. Or add a splash of color to bare windows. Stained glass panels can be an option. To help you out, we've put together some modern and nifty window treatment ideas and you'll definitely love it.

1. Instead of expensive curtains, you can make bamboo blinds cheaply and easily add texture and style to any window.

instructive: I craftivitydesigns.co

2. Wrought iron French window lamp An ordinary window can be a kind and complicated piece to do something extraordinary.

Image path: I etsy.co

Image path: I biskopsgarden.blogspot.co

3. Cover the fabric on a wooden frame to obtain a removable privacy screen instead of curtains or blinds. Professionals give you privacy, but still allow light!

instructive: I thriftdiving.co

4. Bring unique rustic charm to the windows by hanging burlap. Burlap can avoid some light from entering the house.

instructive: I theshingledhouse.co

5. Install rotating barn doors as sliding shutters for your windows:

How do I create: I sawdustsisters.co & I madamebutterflycreations.wordpress.co

6. Stained glass gives every room an artistic personality. It can be used as a window treatment and creates a pleasant effect from sunlight. Check out this window treatment made of fake stained glass:

instructive: I abeautifulmess.co

7. Take lovely cloth napkins and hang them on a stick with curtain clips to commute your traditional fringes.

Image path: I thriftyfun.co & I elizabethharwood.blogspot.co & I pinterest.co

8. Partially close a window by installing hanging plant shelves. This is a great way to maintain your mini indoor garden.

How one: I abowieproject.co & I artfulroost.co

9. To add a piece of vintage charm, place a lace screen over a regular window and provide more privacy without blocking the light.

Image path: I apartment therapy.co

10. Attach the pallet plates through a drill hole to the curtain rings to obtain a rather unique blind.

instructive: I instruables.co

11. Cover the window with laser-cut wooden panels.

Image path: I pinterest.co

12. Carefully hang the branches on a curtain rod and wrap them in shimmering lights to give the window a magical look.

Image path: I karensgardencottage.blogspot.co

13. An inner awning made of fabric window is more decorative than practical.

Image path: I Dearlillieblog.blogspot.co

Similar project training: I oneshetwoshe.co

14. For a farm kitchen, these cute wooden shutters are only half the height of the window, but still propose privacy and lots of light.

instructive: I bhg.co.

15. This lovely window covering shows a large knot job.

instructive: I littlevintagecottage.co

16. Branches and vines are a great way to decorate your windows on large holidays.

Image path: I perfectly imperfectblog.co

17. Give the room an antique charm by hanging an ancient window with hooks over the window.

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