23 multicolored nails to copy this summer

Summer is coming, now it's time to cast off these neutral and dark nail colors and trade them in for something lighter and more colorful! The livelier nail colors are not only suitable for the summer season, they also liven up your nails, give your clothes a color and lighter shades ensure a good mood. We found 23 multicolored nails that you need to copy this summer for inspiration. We have something for everyone, from ombre to color gradients, and we also have block colors and sparkling rhinestones! Take a look around and give your nails a stylish, fun and colorful make-up!

1. Multi-colored stiletto nails

The first multicolored nail look we want to show you is these bright and fun stiletto nails. Each nail is painted in a different color. Many colors are used, from white to pink to blue. Quotes like this are great for summer. The colors used for this mania are Glowstar, Biscuit, Neon Nacho, Bikini Coral, Maliboob Craft, Lavis, 95% Angel, Wet and Con Lemon.

Multi-colored stiletto nails

Source: @ Flossgloss

2. Thick pink coffin nail design

When you love pinkYou have to check this design. There's a bold pink mania here. For this look, each of the long coffin nails is painted in a different shade of pink, from dark to light. This is a very kind and expressive idea. Not only that, now it's not difficult for you to select a pink shade because you can wear all five!

3. Bare nails with rainbow tips

Next we have stylish multi-colored tips that we can show you! The nails for this look are bare, and then various light shades are added to the tips to create fun. Rainbow view. This is a bold and summery nail idea. You can restore this mania or shrink the tip to obtain a sleeker look.

4. Matte multicolored nails

The matte nail texture is still one of the essential looks, and here's how to wear it in style. We have long coffin nails here and everyone is painted in a different lively and matt color. We love that because the colors are breathtaking and bright. You can buy matte nail polishes or use glossy ones, but with a matte top coat. These surfaces can be bought online.

Matte multicolored nails

Source: @sheadbeauty

5. Colors of the rainbow

This next nail idea is another brilliant and fun idea! For this look, every nail is painted in a rainbow color. There are ten different shades from pink to neon yellow. If you like vibrant and bold colors, this mania is for you. This design will look great on any nail length and shape.

6. Short and living nails

If you want to have short nails, you should take a look at this nail idea. Here is a short version of multicolored nails. Two shades of pink are used on both hands, but all other nails are different. We really love the yellow pop! This is a fun and simple to use nail design. Of course you can also try on longer nails.

Short and vibrant multi-colored nails

Source: @nail_sunny

7. Multi-colored pastel nails

Do you like pastel colors If so, look at that. We have long nails here and everyone is painted in a light pastel shade. As these are a very kind nail idea and pastel shades, strong colors are also a bit softer. Such a design is ideal for spring and summer. You can even add Easter nail art for the spring season.

8. Live coffin nails

Next we have lovely and lively coffin nails. These nails are long and have five different nail designs. Most nails are painted in one color, but a nail in each hand also has a gradient. This mania is complete with sparkling rhinestones. If you want to try out the gradient yourself, there are online tutorials.

Living coffin nails

Source: @mjnailz

9. Colorful gradient nails

The next nail idea has a different tendency. This time the nails commence to orange and then mix pink, then purple, blue and finally green. Beautiful color commute creates rainbow design. This is a fun and unique way to wear many different colors. It's simple to follow the history tutorials online so that you can try creating a similar view yourself.

10. Pastel ombre nails with rhinestones

Next we have another pastel look that shows you this. The design has pastel ombre. So the nails begin to bare and then merge into a lovely pastel color. Five different shades and rhinestones are used to complete the look. This is a sparkling and lovely design that will look great on everyone. Recreate the entire look or use a pastel color for all nails.

11. Light pink tones

Before there was a brave pink mania. If you liked this idea, check it out too. Here we have shorter nails in bright and vibrant shades of pink. There is also a neon yellow nail that adds a fun splash of color. We love this mania because it uses the neon tones it should be. This design will be great for summer, celebrations, and holidays.

12. Rainbow nails

The next nail idea offers another fun rainbow look! Each nail has a thick gradient with different colors that create a rainbow effect. It is such an expression that it will highlight your design and your nails in style. We think this colorful nail art will look great on longer stiletto nails too. It will be really wow.

13. Thick nails with rhinestones

Do you like ombre nails If so, look at this mania. Here we have super long coffin nails and everyone is naked with a light ombre. Different colors from yellow to green are used for ombre. Each nail is also decorated with rhinestones. A stunning nail idea and colors look great. Recreate it or use the five bright colors you want.

14. Simple multi-colored nails

This next nail idea is one of our favorites! Mani has cute coffin nails and everyone is painted in a bright and vibrant rainbow color. Many colors from white to green are used. These bright block colors that we really love. This is a fun mania and great for those who want to make an explanation. Similar colors match each nail shape and length.

15. Purple and pink nail design

We love the next nail idea! For this look, the nails are painted pink on the one hand and purple on the other. For some nails, breathtaking rhinestones are also used. The combination of pink and purple is simply lovely and both colors complement each other wonderfully. This is great for those who can't select purple or pink nails.

16. Live ombre nails

Next we have a more vivid ombre that we can show you. This time the nails are bare and then turn into a soft and light shade that is different for each nail. What we love about it is that the bare part is smaller than one of the others. So you still obtain the ombre look, but more colors pop.

Vibrant ombre color nails

Source: @zack_pn

17. Short neon nail idea

Do you like neon nail colors? If so, you should see the next idea. The nails here are short and most are painted in a different neon color. These colors conclude yellow, orange and pink. It is a kind and fun color combination. This mania is great for summer as its neon colors have a tropical look. Recreate it or use five more neon colors.

18. Glam Color Nails

The next nail idea is very bright and colorful. All these nails have a different design from ombre to block color and are each decorated with rhinestones. The colors are soft and bright, but make a statement and rhinestones are really wow. This mania is great for those who love color, like wearing fun designs, and those who like a lot of bling.

19. Beautiful heart nail art

If you love cute and lovely nails, you should see them! There are coffin nails with bright and colorful art. Not only that, they also have super cute hearts! The art of the heart is very lovely and reminds us of these candy hearts with messages. You can buy heart templates to obtain a similar look, or paint hearts by hand with a fine brush.

Cute matte heart nail design

Source: @onyxfiles

20. Fruit nail art design

This next mania is one of our favorites! The nails are long and coffin-shaped. Each of them has a different design, including ombre, glitter, and even a nail adorned with sweet fruits! This fun and fruity mania has a bright and tropical look, great for summer. Rebuild it or try any fruit design. You can buy such small 3D fruits online for your nails.

21. Soft and light ombre nails

If you like bright colors but don't want to be too thick or have nails on top, this design could be for you. Here we have bare nails with pastel-colored ombre design. Although the nails all have different colors, they are still reserved due to their soft and subtle shades. This is a very kind and stylish mania that will suit everyone.

22. Shiny and spicy nails

The next nail idea is bright and lovely. These nails are long and each one is painted in a delicious color like orange. There is also a brown nail that looks very stylish with bolder colors. A fun nail idea and great for those who want to try out other bright colors than classics like pink and purple. These nails would look super cute with slices of orange like the previous fruit craze.

Bright and spicy nails

Source: @ Flossgloss

23. Matt pink mania with golden rhinestones

Finally this super glamorous mania on our colorful nail list. We have long coffin nails here and everyone is painted in a different matt color. The colors are all lovely and from peach to pink to red. Each nail is also decorated with golden rhinestones! We love it and you can buy such golden rhinestones online.

Matte neon nails with golden rhinestones

Source: @kleidys_nails

We anticipate you will love these colorful nails and find a design that you can try!

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