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These Corn salad recipe It quickly became a favorite and is alert in just 20 minutes. The great light and refreshing food to brighten up all summer long!

One of our favorite vegetables is corn. Especially in summer it is a busy season and has a very sweet and delicious taste. If we don't enjoy the plunger, we usually make this salad recipe, Mexican street Egypt or black beans and corn with sauce.

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In summer I love to prepare ALL types of salads. And this corn salad recipe quickly became a favorite! It is very light and fresh and only takes 20 minutes to cast together. All the combined flavors taste fantastic and very tasty! I love grilling my corn to obtain that great charred taste (if you've never grilled before, definitely try it … it's simple and tasty!), But you can cook your corn at will . This is a great salad for hot weather and will definitely rotate at home in summer!

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