Good things you can do with your kitchen coffee station


The cozy atmosphere of the coffee shop can actually be brought home, so drinking coffee is no less interesting. You can do this by juggling in the kitchen and setting up specific spots in a cafe like a mall at home. The environment is expected to emerge and be a cozy place for a coffee with your family and friends.

Applying the farmhouse style

Illustration of a small cafe at home with lots of vintage items.

Use color-coordinated wooden furniture for tables and chairs so that they don't look complicated and messy. To the Farm styleYou don't need expensive furniture, pallets and cupboards can be cool interiors for coffee at home. Simplicity is the key to peasant style. So all you have to do is provide a table or cabinet and space for hot water.

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Adaptation of the stylish modern style

The coffee in your kitchen becomes practical with modern appliances.

The combination of black and white as the dominant color in coffee shops at home is also a very interesting practical trick. Monochrome, simple and modern look. The use of black and white that dominates you can also be discovered and combined with unique patterns. Coupled with a hangout presence that can abandon a cool and sweet impression. Adding frames and furniture with a monochrome color will further reinforce the impression of modern minimalism.

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Install the rack

Placing a shelf for coffee is an simple way

By placing a shelf, you can commute the corner of the room instead of a coffee. Then commute the shelf function to a place to insert coffee. This design is very minimalistic and doesn't cost much. The interior used is not really luxurious, but enough to make the coffee-drinking atmosphere more pleasant.

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Hook attachment

The hooks in the cup are very practical and the coffee cleans your kitchen station.

Attaching hooks for storing glass saves space. This can make your ward's kitchen coffee more affordable. So guests or family members feel more comfortable sitting comfortably in this place. Apart from that, the coffee can be a decoration on your kitchen station.

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Installation of lighting

The lighting has a very effective effect on the atmosphere of your kitchen coffee stations. Choose classic lighting to make it more interesting.

One of the most important factors when designing a room is lighting. The lighting gives the atmosphere in the room. This is also about the concept you want to display. Apart from that, the lighting will give a different look to the food. Appetizing when eating the right light. Good lighting is not only based on artificial light from lamps, but also on natural light all day long.

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Set of decoration

You can sweeten the look by placing ornaments in the kitchen coffee station

With a calm and comfortable atmosphere you will feel comfortable here for a long time. Classic and cozy interior decorations and decorations for coffee shops are required. The ornaments can be in the form of flowers or other small objects. You can put ornaments around the glass or put a decoration on the wall.

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Provide cabinet

The kitchen cupboard in the kitchen is very useful for making a clean kitchen coffee station

Kitchen cabinets, consisting of top and bottom, can serve as storage for devices for the production of glass, bottles and coffee. This cabinet is very useful to keep your kitchen tidy. In addition, this cabinet is also very useful to create a clean and comfortable kitchen coffee station.

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Prepare the basket

The basket is one of the relatively inexpensive accessories at home. Shapes and sizes commute and the color changes. If you use your basket as a trash can or put down a stack of clothes, you can also put food or drinking utensils in this basket.

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Coffee shops are often used as a meeting point for ancient friends or are just a must to do business and read their favorite books. The interior design, which gives the impression of comfort, and the jazz music, which fills the entire room, give the impression of an immediate city life. In fact, for those who cognize coffee, you can actually create a pleasant atmosphere in a coffee.



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