Cool kitchen window styles that inspire your inner chef


I can't imagine a windowless kitchen. It is definitely one of the most important elements in a kitchen. The right windows provide light, air and appearance and above all give your room beauty and create a pleasant and positive atmosphere in the kitchen. As a special decorative element, if you want your kitchen to be exceptional, right types of windows if you plan to reorganize this room.

# 1. Oversized belt

Oversized arched windows are an eye-catcher in your kitchen and a practical design that can bring in a lot of natural light. Image path: I thekitchn.co

# 2. Kitchen extension

A modern kitchen extension fits perfectly with the farmhouse style of the guest building. It's a great way to obtain a bright kitchen that allows maximum daylight. I flickr.co

3. Windows garage type

It is a really bright use of a full yarn glass garage door that gives your kitchen a completely different look. Image path: I pacifichomebuilder.co

4. Mr. Windows

Bay windows have a magical function that makes the place appear brighter and larger. A bay with windows Seat is often seen in most kitchensBut you will also be particularly surprised by an angled bay fresh herbs and a small vegetable garden.

5. Foldable transition window

Hinged windows propose an excellent opportunity to connect the inside of the kitchen with the outside world. You can add an outdoor breakfast bar for the additional dining area, or set up a cocktail bar for a relaxing time after a busy day. Image path: bobedre.dk

6. Round window

To make your kitchen look special and stand out from the usual designs, create a round window with an absolutely bright design that forms a lovely middle point for the sink area. Image path: theinspiredroom.net

7. Stained glass window

Not only does it give your kitchen a unique and artistic design, it also offers a great solution to ensure the necessary privacy while allowing daylight. In addition, adding stained glass windows to your cooking area is a smart way to add value to your home. Image path: I hgtv.co.

8. High windows

Huge glass windows high on the kitchen wall let natural light in smoothly and propose a breathtaking view of the sky. Image path: I onekindesign.co



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