22 small kitchen coffee stations that you have to provide


To have Coffee station It's really recommended for you because it's really great to just make it for something you love. However, sometimes it is difficult to have your own coffee station due to space constraints. Never do this as your disability as you have to do something to deal with the area. Here we recommend that you have it in your kitchen. I left a small space for this and used some storage space for your things. Check out the ideas below!

Using the rack

If you have small space for your kitchen station, the rack is the key. You can arrange them vertically in steps as you need them. The shelf can be under the table of your kitchen station or on the table. Simply adjust it according to your space. Some examples of shelves that you can adapt to your small kitchen station.

The bar is better with blackboard frames. It is very kind to have a small area under the table for plants and bottles. Then add it with lighting to make it more interesting.

The open shelf made of natural wood can be used to store glasses, while the second shelf with two doors can be used to store coffee.

This shelf uses an open concept with wood material and is then painted in white so you can take the glass from all sides and be flexible.

The vertical open shelf ladder of the farmhouse on the side with the wooden box looks simple, as it is highly recommended if you want to bring a coffee station to your home.

The coffee station shelf is neatly arranged so that this station looks practical. Glass, coffee machine and other devices also look neat.

Open two-tier shelves to store all the coffee ingredients available in the coffee station. Use two wooden pallets to create additional shelves for coffee cups.

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The classic white cabinet is used as a coffee station that implements open shelves. Then all of your coffee equipment must be properly arranged.

The vertical shelf in the country house style at this coffee station looks practical, since the main thing is to only fill glasses with coffee.

It is convenient to bring a wooden hanging rack to this coffee station to store several cups and coffee machines.

Here the wooden hanging rack would hide how many glasses would be properly arranged. Then add it to the additional decoration of the board.

Here, a hidden coffee station uses the cabinet door, with which some coffee station devices are hidden.

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Attach the hook

In addition to the shelf, the hooks are another way to restrict your small space so that you can store your items effectively. Sometimes it is quite risky to put the mug or mug on an open shelf. Since it has no damage, it can easily fall. That is why it is the top solution to protect your mug and glass well. You can seek for different hook types below.

Modern peasant coffee station with a hook on the side of the cabinet, which looks classic immediately with iron material.

The hanging rack is assembled to store the coffee equipment supplied with the hook below and to store several cups for their proper arrangement.

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For this coffee station, which was provided with hooks for storing the cups, wooden pallet shelves were hung on the wall.

The long black iron with which your glasses are hung makes them look simple and practical with their simplicity.

The framed and worn window can be reused for something more useful, e.g. B. to bring a hook to store your cups. Your coffee station also looks rustic.

There were wooden shelves on the wall from which your cups were hung with a hook so that they didn't take up much space and looked practical.

Hooks should be attached to hang your glasses on the wooden pallet wall art presented at this coffee station.

The top wooden shelf can be used to store some farmhouse decorations. Then you can add a stunning industrial metal basket with a hanging bar for the cups.

It has three precision shelves of all precision, in which several glasses can be stored. If you want to use more glasses, you can hang a hook here at the bottom of the shelves.

The black square palette here would create the jewelry where you offered a hook to hang several glasses underneath. It is also useful to take a close look at this coffee station and feel the touch of a farmhouse.

The high wooden shelf has two levels at this coffee station. So if you want to set up your cups properly, you can put the hook behind the hanging rack.

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For your small kitchen station, these two things are the top you can do so you can have the functional one. The most important thing is to do something important because you don't have to be too much for your coffee station. You can put some ornaments, but it may be better to put the simple one. Choose something that won't make your coffee station look crowded.



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