Pam and Paul's home: cozy interior to stay at home


This house combines in a natural environment with every comfort and offers a floating design in the thick shade of the oak forest at the foot of the Santa Cruz Mountains west of the Silicon Valley.

Fortunately, when everyone needs a comfortable place to stay at home, many designers and architects feel very comfortable for homeowners, and one of them is Pam and Paul's home. Designed by the local studio Craig Steely architectureAlmost all parts of the house, which are in a sloping area in Northern California, are made of a large glass that points directly to the tree tops. At first glance, this house looks simple from the outside, but entering the house is a great interior design with the height that separates it.

There are many fun things that will make you feel at home. The right sofa / bed starts to break in the living room you want to dive into. It is no less convenient to work from home to relax in the home office and enjoy the visual beauty.


The conceptual idea came clearly and quickly – a glass box floats on two stem-like columns in the leaves of the trees, and as small oak as possible decays. The dense tree roof offers the opportunity to build a fully glazed house that is protected from direct sun rays but filled with dappled sunlight. The steepness of the area directs access from above through a grass-covered roof to the standard of living, like an open meadow that sits on the hills of the trees.

The steel lattice bridge connects the quality and the roof of local herbs. On the lawn there is a viewing platform with a garage / zinc plate and a mirror glass foyer. Sunlight flows from the foyer to the living area.

The bedrooms, bathroom, service and storage room are located behind a long wardrobe wall along the slope, while the main living area is cantilevered to the tree roof. Different areas (living room, office and kitchen) are spatially defined by being immersed in concrete floor on an open floor. These gaps are also defined by the material. In the sunken office, all surfaces, floors, desks and cupboards are cut from a single sheet of Chinese nuts. The sunken living room is 144 square meters and is equipped with the "Tufty Time" sofa components from B & B Italia. In the kitchen / dining room, the 22 meter long white quartz composite panel continues the work surface of the kitchen to the dining table. Recessed LED strips on the ceiling indicate these zones. Powerful geometric lines of light, reminiscent of the Dan Flavin statue, are clearly visible when you look at the leaves from the outside.

The house is on the border between the suburbs and the wilderness and doubles as if you were sitting on the premises. Just like before the construction, the mule deer rests in the shadow of the console, which is now a continuation of the oak sky. Gray squirrels stretch along the branches and in the wild turkey trees, just 10 meters from the kitchen table. The width of the glass is permeable and always disappears to abandon nature, like in the grove.



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