21 elegant French pedicure ideas for at home or in the salon


When we think about getting our nails alert, we usually select a kind design for the hands, but what about the feet? When summer is just around the corner, it's time to prepare these feet for sandals. Of course, an simple way to do this is to jazz your nails! One of the easiest and most stylish designs to wear is a classic French pedicure. It's like a manicure with bare colors and white tips. This pedicure is suitable for every occasion, every season and every outfit. So we have 23 fantastic ways to wear a French pedicure to show you how to make your feet glow. Check this out and prepare these feet for summer.

1. Classic French pedicure

First of all, we have this classic French pedicure. As you can see, nail art is simple and stylish. Each nail is painted in a light base color with a traditional white tip. Nail art like this is very simple to create and wear and fits everyone. It is also suitable for every occasion, from everyday use to special events such as weddings.

Classic French pedicure

Source: @elena_romanova_nails_kzn

2. Colorful French tips

Maybe you prefer more colorful nails? Then this is great for you! Each nail is bare with a different colored tip. Many bright colors are used, from green to yellow to pink. All nails are also decorated with a color matching jewel. This is a fun nail idea and great for summer. Recreate it or use a vivid color for all toes.

3. French pedicure with subtle shimmer

Then we have a kind French pedicure that we can show you. For this look, we have slightly bare nails with stylish white tips. We love the bare base color of these nails because they shimmer a bit! This is a great way to revive the classic design and is great for everyday use and special occasions.

4. cute flower toe nail idea

This next idea is one of our favorites. The nails have a kind nude color with bright white tips and there are also two accent nails. In the large toe, a small white flower is painted in the corner filled with stones, while in the corner of the second toe there are rhinestones. We love the flower and the sheen, they look stunning together. This pad is great for a wedding. Recreate it or use a floral pattern.

Cute Flower Toe Nail Idea

Source: @panibratov too

5. Light blue pedicure

If you like the bolder and more unique versions of a French pad, this is the one for you! For this look, all nails except for a light blue, the large toe are French. The design is also complete with cute rhinestones. This is a modern and trendy way to wear a classic pedicure. It will be great for summer and festivals. Try this or put the blue tips on all nails.

Light blue pedicure

Source: @panibratov too

6. French tips with rhinestones

The next nail idea has a kind and subtle shimmer. All nails have an elegant and user-friendly design. The large toenail is also decorated with rhinestones. Three small rhinestones were placed along the cuticle of the nail. This is a stylish way to wear rhinestones and makes the design really attractive.

White tips 7. Bare toenails

Another way to make your pad more unique is to use different nude tones for your base color. Most of the highlights we've had are a warmer nude shade, but the shade on these nails is cooler and lighter. Pedicure is still simple to carry, but it gives the rest a different look. So recreate this or try different nude tones.

8. French pedicure with rhinestones

Then we have another eye-catching nail design that we can show you. This time, the nude color shimmer and small rhinestones were added to both nails. If you do this fun glamor and pad, you will look fantastic with more explanations and summer shoes. This design would be great for a special occasion.

French pedicure with rhinestones

Source: @panibratov too

9. Summery Neon Yellow Toe Nails

Speaking of summer, we have a summer nail idea that we can show you. For this look, all nails except one are painted in a bright yellow color. The accent nail is bare with a yellow French tip. A very funny and bold nail idea and great for the warmer season. Rebuild this or use yellow French pointers on all nails.

10. French tips with flower nail art.

This next nail idea is so lovely and one of our favorites! There are classic and stylish French tips, except for one of the nails. It has a white accent nail with floral art. The floral art looks stunning and complements the elegant French references. You can paint flowers by hand or buy flower nail stickers online.

French tips with floral art

Source: @panibratov too



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