Beautiful wooden frame mountain hut perched on Colorado Hill


rustic exterior of the wooden hut

This stunning mountain hut with a wooden frame was designed by M.T.N. design Colorado is on a remote slope of Meadow Creek. Built by PrecisionCraft log and wooden housesAlmost every room of this 3686 square meter house offered a breathtaking view of the landscape of North Colorado.

Many key elements of the classic log cabin architecture have been transformed by award-winning architects into the special features that make this wooden hut unique. Among them: a children's loft with lots of playrooms thanks to the chimney angle, which makes it simple to merge the living rooms, the use of bold wooden frames and space-saving bunk beds.

rustic exterior of the wooden hut

What we love: This mountain hut with a wooden frame offers eye-catching details in the entire design. Special rooms are designed for everyone in the interior and each propose their own unique elements. We especially love the fascinating view of the hilly surroundings of this house and give peace.

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rustic living room

about: The living room has thick wooden frames, a floor-to-ceiling fireplace and large windows with a view of the mountains. It is a stunning chandelier that hangs over this room and is specially designed for this room.

rustic living room

rustic dining room

about: This room offers an open floor plan between the living room, dining room and kitchen.

rustic dining room

about: Metal fittings give this light-flooded dining area a modern touch.

rustic kitchen

rustic stairs

about: This lovely staircase has wrought-iron details on handmade wooden stairs and railings.

rustic hall

about: The King Post scissors are repeated with the curved lower chord and give character to the ascending bars of this lovely cabin. The barn sliding gate is made from recycled wood.

rustic room

about: The master bedroom is illuminated by the natural light of large windows. Rustic wood accent walls and parquet perfectly match large wooden ceilings and wooden frame windows.

rustic bathroom

about: Concrete countertops surround a gutter-style sink and give this rustic main bathroom a modern touch.

rustic bunk room

about: With the approval of the space-saving bunk beds, the children's loft offers a large playground. Polished wood harmonises perfectly with parquet floors, windows with wooden frames and a wooden ceiling.

Raw powder bath

rustic children's playroom

about: The panel accent wall and ceremonial style drum give this kids playroom a strange touch. Large, special windows and heavy wood secure the area without squeezing.

rustic house bar

about: The house bar is made of recycled barn wood and forms a lovely contrast to hand-made wood, parquet floors and modern equipment.

with a rustic entrance

about: The design of this wooden hut offers this functional yet fascinating mud to meet the lifestyle needs of a busy and active family.

Photos: Longviews Studios, Inc.

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