50 lovely dark backgrounds for iPhone (free HD download!)


Are you looking for a modern black wallpaper that reflects the color of your soul for your lock screen? Aside from all the jokes, if you're looking for the top dark wallpapers, this blog post will obtain you over 50 of the top lovely dark aesthetic wallpapers for your iPhone.

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These wallpapers are great as a background image for lock screens and screensavers and can be downloaded for free.

Feel free to save as much wallpaper as you like. I cognize it can be difficult to select just one!

To save wallpapers for your background:

On mobile devices : Hold and save the image or save the screenshot.

Desktop : Right click to save, save in your downloads and bark on your phone or send an email to save on your phone.

Casper, friendly spirit


Burn my fire


Little devil

Rain stars


Black Sea

Pink x black

Happy New Year



Midnight in the forest


Brighten the sky


Midnight sky

Oops, oops

Midnight in Paris


Calm as the ocean

Black waves

This dream is a murderer

Tropical feelings

Black leaves and drops of water

Black and white image Preppy wallpapers


The phases of the moon

Black on black

Music makes me happy


Contact us


Lively green / picture Papers.co

Sweet but psychological

Hear my heart beat

Rainy days / picture over Papers.co

day of the Dead

Blinding lights

Snow covered treetops / picture over Papers.co


This is an uphill road

In the stormy sea / Image Via Reddit

White Rose

Surprise, bitch

Contradictory waves


Dark rose

Starry sky

New York neon light

Cosmic pattern



Black and blue

Which one will you download and use as a screen saver or lock screen? Let me cognize in the comments below!

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