5 products to naturalize your hair


Do you want to naturally lighten your hair without coloring it? Here we tell you the products you need and will love.

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Hot summer days are just around the corner and we all want to cool off, see some color and have a summer look (as if we were on an Italian island and the sun's rays touched your body and you hair).

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If you can't go on vacation now, you can feel at home without damaging the burns this summer. You can apply bronzer to the body and apply a lightening product to your hair without using or brushing it.

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What are hair products?

  1. Amaro OMBRE Spray – IGK

A spray paint, but I don't think it will abandon you hair with a scarce and festive noo texture! Here it gives you reflections and very natural light that thinks you are actually going into the living room to do it yourself. It's temporary and falls off when you shower, but it's worth buying. It also contains no sulfate, no summer, no cruelty, no gluten and offers UV protection so you are not exposed to scalp burns.

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2. Chamomile and honey spray – Klorane

Nothing is more natural than chamomile and honey. hair With yellow or brown light reflections, the sun seems to brighten your hair. You will detect the commute every day at least a week later. It leaves your hair with a bright, natural shine and a delicious fragrance!

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3. Cleaning shampoo – John Frieda

If you want to detect a commute from the root, you need to use an internally cleaned shampoo so you can detect a faster commute. It stops naturally and slowly, so use it daily.

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4. Alchemy Conditioner – Davines

This brand is one of the top in care. hair and it cares about the environment and most of its content is natural. This conditioner moisturizes and enhances the golden or blonde colors of your hair. The scent is delicious and you will be amazed by the softness of your hair.

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5. Blonde Absolute Cicaflash Cream – Kérastase

Imagine what's inside hair This cream is a small blonde or caramel colored and increases the color considerably. The color of my hair is orange, with some blonde touches. When I apply this cream, the orange color changes to a blonde color with a very kind and natural tone.

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