21 Impressive patterned ceramics for your bathroom floor


Although a bathroom is usually a place with limited space, patterned flooring. It is known that the patterned makes the space narrower. But if you want to preserve the beauty of your bathroom with patterned floors, you can always have it. You don't have to worry because there are always ways to deal with the space by adjusting other things in the bathroom.

Black and white ceramics

Black and white will be the colors that bring modern features. However, you can combine it with other styles such as farmhouse or classic. In this case, all you have to do is adjust the pattern and application. This black and white tile has some ideas that it can play in the form of intricate patterns or just lines. You can take a look at the pictures below for inspiration.

Honeycomb shape and different colors, this can be really simple, but kind. In addition, the floral pattern adds beauty to your bathroom.

This classic white-patterned black and white ceramic with its gray color scheme concept can really effectively contribute to the creation of beauty in this industrial bathroom decoration.

It can really be combined with the modern black and white bathroom concept with a floral pattern with four arms in a white easy ceramic.

With the same previous ceramic pattern, you can even use it for your farm bathroom decor concept that doesn't just combine with modern style.

The small pattern can be suitable for your bathroom, especially if you combine it with the white ceramic with flat wall to calm the small complex pattern.

There is a simple motif in the form of a small dot for this white bathroom floor. Then you can add other designs for the edge of each corner with the black line.

White ceramic floor concept with a very smooth appearance and small motifs with black motifs. It would be a good choice to combine it with the modern bathroom concept in black and white.

The striped motif in a unique line in this bathroom ceramic can really make a modern impression. So it is combined with a stylish black and white scheme.

A ceramic motif with black dots is really worth your modern bathroom. You can install such an artistic and luxurious chandelier to make the bathroom look more lovely.

This time, the black color dominates the ceramic color scheme. You can calm the atmosphere of the bathroom by enclosing it with a white wall.

Image source

Ceramic color

Colorful ceramics can be the solution to bring beauty to your bathroom because you love lovely things and need to present them everywhere in your life. You can just apply patterned ceramics or even have a mosaic style that is really cool and artistic. In any case, you can not only apply it to the floor, but also to your ceramic wall. Check the reference references below!

Various ceramic colors are used here to create a specific motif. Although it's just a square shape in different sizes, the color combination makes it kind enough.

Image source

It looks valuable enough to be combined with blue, white and black. See how peaceful this bathroom is with the extra blue color in the ceramic pattern surrounded by a completely white color scheme.

The patchwork motif cannot only be applied to your fabric material. With the patchwork tile style, you can see how unique this bathroom floor is.

This bathroom floor looks like unique and artistic mosaic floors with a random pattern.

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If you have a small bathroom area, you can only apply patchwork ceramics to the floor. If you put it on your wall here, you will narrow your room even more.

Honeycombs can also take an interesting ceramic shape. You obtain additional beauty especially with the color.

The assembly of this bathroom ceramic has triangular shapes in different colors, which makes the floor decoration more charming.

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Small square ceramic and some different colors. This bathroom floor looks lovely with a random ceramic arrangement

.Image source

There are two different ceramics for colors and shapes. The first is made of square ceramic, the other of pieces of mosaic.

This is a classic bathroom decoration with patchwork flooring and worn bathtub that is really natural and artistic.

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If you have any questions about how to keep your small bathroom with patterned ceramics, let's talk more about it. Basically, it is very simple to adjust the color and design of other things. For example, if you have a crowded floor design, you can make walls and furniture in a simple and simple design. It's really simple and simple, isn't it?



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