6 advantages of using Light Liner


So that your make-up looks great and lasts longer first and if you want your skin to look more glowing Use with a light coating.

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As we prepare to abandon home, we want our makeup to stay intact all day and our skin to look like a baby. It's not simple to take, but if you can make it look good, just use the product. Law, and this first with a light coating.

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Always a first It was mattifying so that my face would never shine, but many things I could do was make it look toned and healthy, but without it glow; The secret is to cognize how to use them and where to use them until you meet those who have a bright terminate and love them.

Services first light

  1. Light on your face

Many of the first ones you found contained color pearls that would give the skin a pearl-like appearance. I didn't believe it until I tried such a product and the difference really became an abyss. They give you a very natural light.

2. Glowing skin

Most formulas contain glitter or powder that will lighten your makeup, like micropowders that will develop your look, and you'll see your skin look very healthy and look zero greasy.

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3. Humidification

If you have problems using the cream, we assume that this product will moisturize you, since most of the formulas are cream and abandon you as a wet surface.

4. Reduce pores

Generally, they contain a protective layer that smoothes the skin and makes it look healthier, and whose pores have a bad reputation.

5. Match your color to your skin

Those that contain the pigments of your skin color match your tone and look even. It is very different that your shade is exactly the same and not lighter or darker because it gives the look that you are not wearing.

6. It will be a lighting option

This kind first You can commute the highlighter because you can apply it to areas that you regularly apply to the highlights of the face. If you want additional makeup glowingApply before and after the base.


Someone Primers Your skin glows and only fulfills all the advantages Colorful glow amplifier Narsi. In addition, the formula contains jojoba gel with vitamin E to maximize the moisture of your skin. When you apply this foundation and foundation, your makeup will last up to 16 hours.

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