Basic instant recipes you should cognize!


These 20 simple instant pot recipes are great for beginners and experienced instant pot users alike! The top vegetables, protein and muesli for cooking in a pressure cooker save you time and free your hands.

Instant Pot was absolutely essential in my cooking routine; It is known that I use it 3 times a day! I sometimes like to cook, such as a stove or slow cooker, and there is also no need to mix a pot on the stove or take care of the baby.

Collage picture with 20 basic instant top recipes

If you're modern to instant pot cooking, you may be wondering which ingredients are top for your instant pot. After years of trial and error, I can definitely say that the content of this post is the top!

These simple instant pot recipes save time in the kitchen and bring groceries to your table quickly. Some of these recipes are fully cooked before boiling water hits the stove!

If you're looking for full instant pot recipes, Immediate seek page. This article is about cooking the basics: from individual ingredients to a handful of ingredients, each of these simple instant cup recipes deserves to be included in your recipe box!


Cooking chicken in the instant pot is a great idea! Because instant pot is cooked with moist heat, the chicken comes out perfectly juicy every time. Another advantage of Instant Pot is that, unlike the slow cooker, it is secure to cook frozen chickens in Instant Pot. My favorite sources for cooking chicken in the instant pot:

Top view of two chicken breasts in an instant pot

7 instant pot chicken breast recipes– This post explains the basics of cooking chicken breast in instant pot. There are also 7 different recipes that you can cook. These recipes contain an excellent sauce for spooning rice and vegetables, but can be pre-assembled and frozen as "freezer packs".

Top view of a whole chicken in an instant pan

Ready cooker whole chicken– An inexpensive and effective way to cook chicken in the instant pot is to cook a whole chicken! This article will walk you through important steps to obtain the maximum flavor from your chicken and explicate how to prepare it fresh or frozen.

pork meat

Instant Pot Pork works great as my favorite pork shoulder and my favorite fillet to make different cuts (to prepare my pulled pork).

Top view of pulled pork in a saucepan

Healthy instant pot pulled pork recipe– This recipe speeds up the cooking of pulled pork! Instead of 8 hours in the slow cooker, you may have eaten the pork in under 2 hours. This is the great recipe for pre-cooking and cooking for multiple meals.

Top view of pork fillet in an instant pot

Instant pot pork fillet with soy and ginger sauce– Pork fillet, which is smaller and more susceptible to boiling over and drying, remains kind and juicy in this instant container recipe. It contains a sauce that is great for scooping rice and vegetables. This recipe can cook quickly and in less than 25 minutes you can obtain pork fillet on your table!

Beef + turkey

We don't eat a lot of difficult beef, but Instant Pot is ideal to shorten the cooking time for these pieces of beef. What else is it good for? Cooking fresh or frozen ground beef (or turkey)!

Top view of frozen ground beef in a saucepan immediately

Instant Pot Frozen Milled Beef– This post shows how to cook minced meat so you don't obtain difficult, chewy beef. It also shows two different ways to season beef after partial cooking.

Top view of baked ground turkey in an instant pot

Instant Pot Ground Turkey Salad Wraps– This article will show you how to cook ground turkey from frozen meat (spoiler – it is exactly the same as minced meat) – it also includes a delicious Asian sauce that comes in salad packaging, delicious, or served with rice.


Instant Pot is particularly useful for cooking vegetables that require a long cooking time. Cooking vegetables under high pressure makes the cooking process extremely fast and also raises a lot more hands.

Top view of sweet potatoes in an instant pot

Finished sweet potato– One of my favorite vegetables for cooking in the instant pot is sweet potato. The pressure cooker not only significantly reduces the time required to cook a sweet potato, but is also always perfectly tender and creamy. This post shares a formula based on the width of the potato to cook your sweet potatoes.

Top view of a whole spaghetti zucchini in an immediate saucepan

Instant pot of spaghetti pumpkin– Another favorite vegetable for cooking in instant pot is spaghetti squash. – I don't even bother to cut it, I just nudge it a few times and cook it. This makes it simple to halve peas, collect seeds and obtain the top possible structured spaghetti pumpkin pasta.

Top view of corn in the instant pot

Instant pot corn– Your water bowl is alert before it boils <- that's enough! Cooking corn on the cob in the instant pot is always a simple, fast and great corn cob.

Top view of a whole cauliflower in an instant pot

Creamy Parmesan Instant Pot Puree Cauliflower– Just like with my spaghetti zucchini method, I don't bother to cut my cauliflower before I cook it in instant pot. After cooking, cauliflower is crushed with parmesan and Greek yogurt for a creamy, low-carb side dish.

Top view of carrots in a saucepan immediately

Honey glazed instant pot carrots– Are you looking for a fast and simple insert? These instant pot carrots are great for you. From commence to terminate: 20 minutes!

Top view of potatoes and herbs in an instant pot

Instant pot mashed potatoes with herbs and garlic– another recipe that can be cooked before your water bowl boils! This instant pot mashed potato can be left warm for hours after cooking and is great for vacation or dinner on weekdays.

Top view of apples in an instant pot

Finished apple puree– It's not a vegetable, but instant pot is so great. You don't have to pay attention to a pot of apple juice to avoid it from slipping or burning, and you obtain a perfectly cooked apple sauce every time! We do this at least twice a month.

Cereals + beans

Grains and beans are also great for cooking on your instant pot. From oatmeal to farro to black beans and more, Instant Pot can help you add more beans and grains to your diet, making cooking fast and simple.

Pour water into a pre-made container that contains steel oats and cinnamon

Instant Cookware Steel Cut Oats– probably my favorite instant pot recipe … ever. Something I did 1-2 times a week! Instant Pot speeds up the process of cooking steel oats, but more importantly, you don't have to stand on the stove to make sure it doesn't burn. So hands off and great for the preparation of dishes!

Top view of cooked quinoa in an instant pot

Perfect, fluffy instant quinoa– This recipe cooks quickly and can cook a large amount. You will be rewarded with the great, fluffy quinoa every time for very small effort!

Cooked chickpeas scoop chickpeas

Instant Pot Chickpeas (No Soaking)– Empty the cans and cook your own chickpeas from scratch with this SUPER simple recipe. We cook it regularly and freeze the leftovers. It tastes a lot better than canned chickpeas!

Scoop scoops of baked black beans in an instant saucepan

Perfect black beansAs with chickpeas, no soaking is required and these flavors are much better than canned!

Top view of a bowl of farro

How to cook farro– Farro is one with a long cooking time. Cook in the instant pot to save time!


Some options + endings that do not exactly fit into one category make these instant crucible recipes simple and convenient.

Top view of eggs on coasters in a pot

(Soon) – Instant Pot Hard Boiled Egg – Instant Pot is much easier to find than boiling boiled eggs, and the top part is that it's very simple to peel the shells!

Side view of three mason jars filled with instant pot bone broth

The only bone juice recipe you needBone broth enriched with collagen and nutrients is sometimes referred to as "liquid gold". Traditionally, it is necessary to cook the broth on the stove or slow cooker for at least 24 hours, but Instant Pot reduces the cooking time to 2 hours (a total of about 3 1/2 hours the next time you add) pressure + natural Release).



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