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Quarantine again after 60 (!) Days. How's it going?

Good gracious. If someone had told me that we would do it on day 5 for up to 60 days (our minds are a small solid), I would not have believed them.

April (and early May) is fairly uneventful at the same time, but also busy (people with young children, I feel!).

Containers lined up on the kitchen counter for preparing food

What we eat

I gave up the idea of ​​creating modern content very quickly around the clock or making videos with children at home. Fortunately, we got ahead when we had to act, so I added a lot of content.

Instead of worrying about blog content, I'm working difficult on the food preparation plan. I've actually been working on it since October 2019, but it's sooooo good to test them all.

Suggestion: Spend 1-2 hours a week and prepare 4 dinners a week. I liked the meal plan test and it really reduced our mealtime stress. I can't wait to tell you the menu this year.

Apart from that, we kept our breakfast and a few small snacks for children's alert meals.

We also started the tradition of vegetable trays at 4:00 p.m .: At 4:00 p.m. I am always very hungry and usually reach the tortilla chips. When I spoil my dinner, at least with vegetables.

Children lie in a row


Children are such troops. They had their moments (aren't we all?), But for the most part, they have adapted incredibly to all of this.

I like spending extra time with them and feeding those small moments. I spend my morning playing Zephie while building LEGO towers in the basement while Kai is studying at home.

Kai and me Roald Dahl box set

and i'm very happy to obtain it! I haven't read many of them and this is one of my favorite quarantine activities. We're in Halloween right now and he wants me to read "just one more chapter".

If I said everything was sunlight and rainbow I would be lying. Since my children are still young (2 and 6), it is difficult for an introvert to have a lot of time alone. My kids are still in the episode-mom-everywhere-on this stage and even without knocking on the door and asking where I am, the toilet break can be difficult!

I feel like my introvert battery is now at maximum and expecting childcare next week makes me very happy. I will sit quietly and enjoy listening.

Breakfast in bed with children

Birthday + mother's day

Sunday was Mother's Day and Monday was my birthday! Planning a bi-directional celebration was difficult, but fabulous, especially during a pandemic!

The children brought me breakfast in bed on Mother's Day and I had sushi + birthday paper chases on my birthday. It was so much fun and Kai was so thoughtful … he made birthday signs and put them all over the house (in the fridge!)

Mother's Day I sat on the bed all afternoon, charging my battery. It was pure luck. Absolutely needed my soul.

5 minute magazine on the bedside table

New habits

I'm doing some rough things in this quarantine by working on some issues our website has with Google. I saw my seek traffic drop day by day and I was desperate and very concerned.

My blog earns revenue from advertising revenue related to pageviews (advertisers are also very low because the pandemic is very careful). It was actually more stressful than following my pandemic to track my work and my family's livelihood this way.

I knew I had to do something to commute my mind because I couldn't concentrate on anything day after day. My job coach suggested two books that helped me a lot:

Both books were what I had to read in this extremely stressful time, and it helped me a lot to readjust my thoughts.

I also started meditating, it was never something I thought I was doing. I use it Headspace application and 10 minutes in the morning or just before bed. I also started 1-2 minutes before writing and have never felt so focused in my life!

I started too Five-minute magazine

(Thanksgiving Diary). I write first when I obtain up shortly before bed. It really helps you reflect on your day and remember those small moments of happiness.

All in all, it helped MY mentality VERY VERY. I felt calmer, more peaceful and … happier! I cognize it sounds crazy, but I've felt very happy since I started working in my head.

Even after my pandemic is over, I will continue to focus on identifying harmful thought patterns, inner peace, and happiness.

And guess what? Two weeks after I started working on my mindset, Google seems to have solved my problems. The traffic increases again. Hallelujah!

Family selfie


Another. Hmm. The only thing I can think of now is that we will have day care for a child from next week. I really want to be a bit "normal" again. I cognize that it won't be "normal" for a long time, but just to take a break is what I and I urgently need now.

We are planning to move to Victoria, but it is impossible to plan as we do not cognize when the travel restrictions will be lifted. We hoped to be able to move in the summer so that Kai didn't have to commute in the medium term. Now we have no idea when we can buy / sell / move.

I try to think about it: the universe has plans for us and we will find our great home in Victoria and move there when the time comes for us.

I really feel like we're all going to look at this time in our lives and think, "Wow, that's tough." But guess what? WE MADE.

I anticipate you are well, you will be secure and happy.

Take care, my friend!

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