23 creative nail designs for almond acrylic nails


There are many different nail shapes. Some of the most popular are stiletto and coffin. But almond is stylish, simple to carry, and stylish. Almond nails are not pointed like a stiletto, but not quite round. You just have a kind balance between the two, creating a blurry, elegant shape so you don't take your eyes out. We have 23 astonishing nail designs that are great for almond acrylic nails. If you haven't liked the nail shape yet, you'll love it. Look here!

1. Matt gray almond acrylic nails

The first nail idea is very stylish and stylish. Here we have painted almond nails in matt gray. We love this color because it is very simple to wear and can be worn up or down for any occasion. Just keep it that way or add rhinestones or glitter for a bolder and brighter look.

Matt gray almond acrylic nails

Source: @amur_nails

2. Fashionable floral nail art

Then we have a sweet nail idea that we can show you. These almond acrylic nails are shiny nude with black and white floral art. These flowers look very stylish and lovely. This mania is great for summer. You can find tutorials for flower art online or use flower stickers. Each colored flower will look fantastic with a bare base.

3. Neon yellow nails

Neon nails have become a must-have and here's how to wear one of the bright colors in style. Here we have neon yellow almond acrylic nails. These nails are very fun and bright and the color is great for summer and festivals. Try a similar look or use a neon shade. You can even try multiple colors for a mania.

Neon yellow almond acrylic nails

Source: @amur_nails

4. Elegant nail idea

The next nail idea is so elegant! These nails are long almond-shaped and painted in a soft and light pink tone. This mania is striking and can be dazzled up or down depending on the situation. You can wear these nails every day or for a special occasion such as a wedding or prom. If these are too long, you can opt for a shorter version.

5. Glam acrylic almond nails

Grow your nails with such a design. Here we have light nails with a soft and fine marble effect. Each nail is also animated with gold foil. Marble art looks fantastic with gold foil. To create this mania, Mani-Q Sheer Pink 101, gold foil, Mission Control Fizz, Mani-Q top coat, YN Micro Detailer Brush and Gel Sculptor Brush were used. You can find a tutorial on the nail artist's website.

6. Glittering marble and ombre mania

If you like marble art, you should also check out this mania. This design is a small bolder. It has two nail pink ombre, one sparkling pink nail, and the last one is lovely pink marble art. The nail art is trendy and gives shine. A fun nail idea that is great for this summer.

Glittering marble and ombre mania

Source: @nail_sunny

7. Summer Nail Art

Speaking of summer, we have a summer nail idea that we can show you. Most nails for this look are light yellow, white, or nude. There are also two accent nails that use these colors with the additional black botanical design. It looks stunningly insane and is very fresh and lively for the summer. You can commute the colors of this mania to suit any season.

8. Unique and trendy nail art

This next nail design is very fashionable and quite unique. Here we have light pink almond nails with a purple design in the middle. It almost looks like ink, so it's a very creative and artistic design. If you're looking for idioms to make unusual nails, this mania is for you. You can recreate the design in any color.

Unique and trendy nail art

Source: @nailsrnd

9. Cute pink rabbit nail design

We love the next nail idea, it's so cute! For this look, some nails are pink and one white with shiny rabbit ears. Colors and rabbit art are great for spring. This would be a fun Easter craze. You will find nail art tutorials that will show you how to make rabbit ears online. The ears can be created in any color and in a glossy or matt terminate.

Cute pink rabbit nail design

Source: @agalorynowicz

10. Trendy almond acrylic nails

Then we have more fashion art to show. All of these nails are light with different artworks on each nail. There are trendy geometric shapes and lines. We love the color palette used here, black and white looks very stylish. You can paint such shapes manually or use stencils.

Trendy almond acrylic nails

Source: @nail_sunny



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