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Are you longing for a modern tattoo, but cannot imagine which design you have or which part of the body you have tattooed? Then you are right here. There are 23 stretched neck tattoos for women today. The neck is a rather unusual place and looks very stylish. In addition, you can be as brave or slender as you want, as smaller designs can be covered with your hair. Any design can be placed on this body part, from flowers to mandalas to nails. Check out these astonishing tattoos. You will finally find your next modern tattoo.

1. Mandala Neck Tattoo

The first tattoo is stunning and covers the neck and a small area on the back. This tattoo has intricate black ink patterns and is such a lovely and expressive piece. If you are looking for a larger tattoo or prefer a smaller version, you can recreate it. Different patterns can be used as this makes the tattoo unique for you.

Mandala nack tattoo back

Source: Link @tattoom

2. Beautiful butterfly design

Butterflies are one of the most popular tattoos for women and this is a kind version. A large one here butterfly tattooed on the neck. One side of the wings is made of flowers. We love this unique flower butterfly and it will look great on anyone. Try a similar tattoo or add some color.

3.sweet flower tattoo

Then we have a cute tattoo for you. Many small flowers were hammered into a horseshoe for this design. It is a lovely tattoo and very feminine. You can create a similar tattoo or try the design with the flowers you want. Try to select something that means something special to you or your favorite flowers.

Tattoo ideas

Source: @ samm.tatts

4. Nice arrow

The next tattoo is lovely and unique. Here is a arrow tattooed on the neck. This Aquarius was inspired by the asterisk. So you can create an arrow based on your asterisk or just create a stylish arrow. This is a small and simple to use tattoo that is suitable for everyone.

5. Patterned lotus tattoo idea

If you like larger tattoos that cover the neck and a small back, this is the one for you. This body trick has a large, patterned mandala lotus. There are lotus pictures and the patterns are just breathtaking. This is a bold and lovely tattoo that makes a stylish statement. Protect black ink or add a splash of color. Watercolor looks stunning.

6. Flower in the neck tattoo

The next tattoo is small, elegant, and graceful. Here are two small flowers behind the neck. The flowers are stunning and lovely, creating a stunning tattoo. Something like that is great as a first tattoo because it never goes out of style and is very simple to wear. You can rebuild it or add color to small leaves.

Neck tattoo flower back

Source: @dayonetattoo

7. The quote behind your neck

The nails are another popular tattoo idea and this next version is just fantastic. This tattoo contains a quote in an elegant script on the neck. You can make a meaningful quote behind your neck. However, you can also use other important words like nouns. Any font can be used.

8. Stunning decorative tattoo

Next we have a stunning decorative tattoo that we can show you. The tattoo is behind the neck and also covers a small area of ​​the back. We love the shape because it looks almost like a fan. The actual design has very kind patterns. It is a lovely tattoo and you can recreate it or try a smaller one. You can also use different patterns and even add a splash of color.

Stunning decorative tattoo

Source: to @anais_chab

9. Sun and moon design

This next draft is one of our favorites. Here is a Sun and moon design. The tattoo contains half a month with a large sun. We love the sun because it has petals like flowers. Wow, a unique, magical and lovely design. Try something similar or add some color to the flower.

Sun and moon tattoo design

Source: @ heylee1022

10. Idea for neck and back tattoos

Do you like neck and back tattoos? If so, give it a try. The tattoo has lovely patterns on the neck and on part of the back. This design is completed with fine jewelry. A nervous and lovely balance and something like this will suit everyone. Although such a large tattoo is a large commitment, make sure you are sure of the design.

Neck and back tattoo idea

Source: @iliana_ros too



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