10 rules you must follow before wearing white pants


Spring is here and finally for most of us Clean our white pants. When you're alert to show off your most stylish look, Here are 10 important fashion rules that every woman should follow before wearing.

1. Make sure the fabric is not transparent.

Not all white jeans or pants are made from the top fabrics. Thick jeans can make your underwear transparent, and thinner pants can even make skin-colored underwear transparent. Don't forget to try them out and make sure you don't explicate more than you want.

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2. Don't take white trousers that are too tight.

White is an extremely remarkable color, which means that very tight colors emphasize your whole body. It is therefore important to look for those who fit your body well, neither too loosely nor too fairly to feel good and select your lovely body. If you can't find anything that fits your ankle, calm down! You can bring them to the tailor at any time.

3. Try combining them with light blouses or tops.

White pants make your legs look a small wider. When you pair it with black tops or blouses, what you do makes it bigger because your trunk looks slimmer. Wear and balance by wearing the bright sunglasses on top. You can wear a pure white look. If you have wide hips, you can wear light but slightly longer sweaters.

4. Choose the right shoes.

It is not very common to combine them with black shoes. When the season is hot, select neutral or slightly lighter colors like nude or brown. Sandals are ideal. If it's fall or winter, go for camel ankle boots for a fresh look. If you want to wear black, select sandals.

5. Don't wash your white jeans frequently.

If you keep putting them in the washing machine and turning them into pearl pants, they can collapse. Check this out Instructions for washing white clothes without chemicals So you can make your pants great.

6. Don't wear them with colored underwear.

NOT! Never do it Although the fabric is very thick, these pink panties are transparent from a distance. Wear light brown underwear or a thong, but don't forget to check the next point.

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7. When wearing a thong, be careful not to mark your hips or thong too strongly.

It happens to most of us. We believe that by wearing a thong, we can run freely without worrying that our underwear is too marked. However, if you read points 1 and 2, you cognize that it is very likely that your boots will be marked or your underwear will appear. . Be very careful on this point as this can seriously affect your body and appearance.

8. Don't wear white jeans outside overnight.

You don't look very good. The white color is a day color. If you want to wear them at night, try to make a kind dress or pants tidier. Let the white jeans sleep at home.

Water with the 9th period!

You can wear any clothes you want, when you want. However, if you have a "minor accident" during your period, hiding is more difficult than wearing black jeans. If you want to use them, bring a sweater, blouse, or long shirt that covers your sole.

10. Don't wear white pants if you cognize you're likely to be dirty.

Yes, they will certainly look kind when you go on a picnic with your family, but they also obtain very dirty. If you go to a place that you cognize can smear your white pants, select a different color, or commute them for cool, patterned clothing.

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