21 stylish ways of the pink season

If you think your hair can take makeup, you can make it stand out. Striking features give the hair a boost and with a modern color your hair looks completely different. Not only that, but also light spots mean that you don't have to dye all of your hair. This is a great way to try stronger colors like pink. You won't have a large hair transformation and the color will grow easily. Today we have 21 great ways to wear pink accents. There are pastel pink, dark pink, various cuts and more. Pink is a must for spring and summer. So be brave and try this fun and stylish color!

1. Highlights pink for short hair

The first hair idea has subtle pink and red highlights. For this look, the hair is cut into a trendy short bob. We love the combination of pink and red dark brown hair that creates a slimmer and softer pink look. This hair idea is simple to carry, but you can make it bolder with a lighter pink.

Fine pink for short hair

Source: @elissawolf too

2. blonde and pink hair

Pink is suitable for many hair colors, a popular combination is blonde and pink. Here's a good example. The hair is a bright yellow shade with bright pink hues. It's lovely and expressive, which reveals the idea of ​​hair, and the pink tone looks lovely. You can recreate this or try warmer blonde and thinner pink.

Idea of ​​blonde and pink hair

Source: @hairbykotay

3. Hair color in pink, purple and peach

You can also combine pink highlights with other colors. This hair idea includes purple, pink and peach. As you can see, the hair root is dark, then the highlights of all three colors are added. It is a fun, bold and unique hair idea and is great for summer. You can try a similar hair idea or select less emphasis for a lower key version.

4. Soft pink highlights

This next hair idea is a small bolder! We have long and wavy hair here. The hair is dark at the root with a light purple hue. Then pink tones were added midway. It is a lovely color combination and great for women who want to make a statement. You can replicate this or try a different shade of purple and a more vibrant pink.

5. Low key pink

If you can't find an explanation for creating hairstyles, this may be great. Here sun kiss added blonde hair with light pink highlights. A very fine and lovely hair idea. This is very simple to carry and maintain, because if you decide pink is nothing, it grows easily.

6. Thick pink hair

Next, we have another idea of ​​living hair. For this look, the hair is long and the roots are dark. The hair is then dyed with purple and pink hues. This is a bright, fun, and trendy look. Hair like this is great for spring and summer. We think this color combination will look great on a sharp bob cut too.

7. Shiny Pink Hair Idea

This next hair idea is one of our favorites because it is so stylish, unique and expressive. Hair becomes a cute bob. At the root, the hair is light and pastel-colored, the highlights are light pink. We love this because two shades of pink have been used to create a bold accent. Recreate it or use two different shades of pink.

8. Pink features

Another lovely pink shade is rose and how to dress stylishly here. The hair is a lovely and light blonde shade. Then soft and light pink highlights were added to the ends. This is a kind, stylish and simple to use look. Finer highlights like this are ideal for those who want to try pink without being too brave. Such properties are top suited for lighter hair colors.

9.Blonde and pink ombre hair

You don't have to select the classic one, from the root to the front highlights. You can accentuate your hair with an ombre design. Thus, the hair has any color from the root to half, and then a pink color is added from the middle to the tips. There is a good example below. The hair is blonde with a light pink. You can recreate this or try a more subtle version with less emphasis or a lighter color.

10. Pink and multi-colored highlights

Then we have a multicolored look that shows you. The hair is long with very light reflections. We love it because it uses peach, blue and pink and it's a very cool and unique combination. The colors are stunning and these colors are very bright and fun. Hair like this is great for summer.

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