5 tips for adopting your femininity (and why you will regret it if you don't!)


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Femininity in something that is often overlooked in the modern world. Other attributes normally attributed to male energy are "successful" and "desirable", competitiveness, logic, assertiveness, etc.

These functions are usually doers, actually job fans make Manage successful careers, whether male or female. After all, male energy is what drives our will to do shit and move forward in our lives.

It is no wonder, however, that with all these women who focus mainly on careers these days, we can be tired of just living our daily lives. During work, we are mostly in our male energy, which is great for our careers, but it is not our natural state.

Ultimately, most women are more feminine than naturally male, and therefore less stressful in our natural, feminine state. As with most things, balance is key! You can still be a boss ass career girl at work, even wearing a dress and heels.

Five ways you can embrace your femininity today (and why you should care!) | Special feature: Thomas Sabo Generation Charm Club necklace, ear studs, rose gold watch and white ruffled shirt in front of a pink house in Notting Hill

Femininity not only feels lovely and confident, there are also other great feminine qualities such as intuition, creativity, empathy and love that are required in business environments to not only build creative relationships but also work in a creative field. .

What's more, when it comes to your love life, most of us probably cognize that being in our masculine energy has done men no good. If you've hunted a man, you cognize what I'm talking about.

Unfortunately, children don't work like promotions – follow a promotion and you'll obtain it, but chase a man and you'll never hear from him again. Men are of course more interested in followers, so they often appreciate it when a woman allows them to follow them.

The same goes for pre-established relationships: if, in my experience, your husband wants to plan a short vacation (or in my case asks to trade with him), the relationships will go smoothly and play a more nutritious and compassionate role. I take over.

In fact, what is responsible is not important. It is important that it feels important like the "man". I cognize clichés, but there are clichés for a reason.

Anyway, I anticipate I am convinced that it is important not only for your relationships to be in your feminine energy, but also for your creativity and mental well-being.

Adapting to your femininity doesn't mean letting her male when you need her (at work), but it's important to find a balance between the two in order to obtain rid of all the stress that we can accumulate in our heads. However, the top tips for dealing with women.

How did you reveal your femininity (and why you should take care of it!) Stylish chase with Thomas Sabo earrings and Generation Charm Club followers in front of a pink house in Notting Hill, London

One of the easiest ways to increase your feminine energy is to take care of your looks, e.g. For example, buying modern clothes to feel fresh and young, or pampering your skin with a mask in the evening or taking more time. They wear makeup and hair in the morning.

Caring for your appearance has a large impact on your mood and presentation. We often don't detect it ourselves, but when we feel great we look at others full of life and joy. So don't be afraid and be a small selfish when treating lovely things – everyone benefits!

Another thing that I personally detect and feel more feminine and radiant is the attracting of female colors and shapes. This is brainless, but sometimes we tend to shine the most obvious things in life.

My favorite way to increase my femininity is to wear clothes – whether it's a chic, form-fitting dress or a floral number, they both work equally well!

Another great way to feel more girlish is to wear ruffles and bright colors while wearing this article. Pink, nude, and even red are the top colors that can develop your mood when you usually feel a small under the energy.

Five ways you can embrace your femininity today (and why you should care!) | Special feature: Thomas Sabo Generation Charm Club necklace, ear studs, rose gold watch and white ruffled shirt Notting Hill in front of a pink house

Beauty is in the details and is a better way to give your day a feminine breeze than feminine jewelry. Elegant, small jewelry, like everything, is the safest option if you're looking for something modern to add to your wardrobe.

I recently added some modern pieces to my jewelry collection, including these lovely earrings and gold necklaces from Thomas Sabo. I was immediately interested in the lovely and unique design of the earrings – the rose gold silhouette harmoniously complements the rhinestones.

As for the gold necklace, I wanted to select something feminine but also strong. Although I don't believe in the zodiac, I got the bull symbol from the Charm Club collection. My own zodiac sign is not even Taurus, Scorpio!

Instead of associating the signs of the zodiac with this sagging, I see the symbol of the bull as a symbol of strength, success and the desire to go further and obtain better. When the stock markets work well, they say it's a "bull market" – everything is up, forward and getting stronger.

So it's a great way to combine this small saggy femininity with a masculine hint of energy – it looks elegant and graceful, but there's also a secret message: don't mess with the bull!

Thomas Sabo too Engraving jewelry – Generation Charm Club jewelry and many other pieces arrive with a free engraving! In addition to my earrings and necklace, there is a personalized bracelet from them with a special engraving. I won't pretend to be scratched – if you can't guess?

Thomas Sabo Generation Charm Club Necklace with Taurus Zodiac Taurus Zodiac

What I'm wearing: blouse, here/ Shorts, here (similar) / bag: here / Observe: here (similar) / sunglasses: here

If you are struggling with stress or are not inspired by your current work / life situation, I can guarantee that these tips will help you to feel more alive, more feminine and more inspiring to deal with modern challenges both in business and in deal with private area. . Which of these tips will you try first?


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