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Korean skin care has been a bit viral in recent years – who does not enjoy Have you heard of 10-step skin care? Love the idea or hate it, anyone who has actually approved it has even seen great results People whose skin very unlike the average Korean.

While Korean hair care is equally impressive, it has seen less cult than skin care, but it should definitely be! How does the Korean hair care system really differ from the western one?

The main difference between Korean hair care and western care is that they attach great importance to the scalp. A healthy scalp ultimately leads to healthy hair.

Korean hair carers believe that caring for your scalp is more important than caring for your existing hair, as this helps modern, undamaged hair to grow. Some Korean hairdressers may suggest using two different shampoos in the shower: one for the scalp and the other for the hair.

The Korean hair care program has introduced 10 different steps, 5 of which focus exclusively on the scalp. The most important parts of this step-by-step process are head massage and scalp peeling. There are many different methods you can use to obtain a good head massage, but we'll cover that later.

10 steps Korean hair care - treat your hair like Kpop princesses!

picture of Hardly any beauty

You may think:Ha. I swear I always see Koreans with curly hair. " and although this is true, they do a lot to protect your hair. For example, it's not uncommon for Koreans to have perms that damage themselves.

However, if you want wavy hair every day of your life, it is much healthier for your hair to have a perm every day instead of curly and heat damage.

Korean women are also fans of bleak hair tools. Strawberry sponge hair roller to obtain the look they're looking for. Korean women also use night treatments, bed masks, and other restorative measures to protect their locks.

Some celebrities like K-Pop Singer Sandara Park They even discovered that they use wigs to protect the health of their own hair instead of styling their hair with heat!

No, I'm not talking about Korean women who drink alcohol. Product:% s like alcohol, hairspray and gels. Korean women tend to stay away from these drying agents because they make hair very brittle and peel the scalp of their natural oil.

Instead of using hairspray when styling Korean hair, AMOS Curling Essence to keep your hair thinner for longer. Some women don't even use texturing agents because we're honest – Korean hair is too thick and can hold waves longer than fine western hair without drying hair sprays.

Korean women are also known to stay away from the sun like the plague. If you are not wearing sun protection, wear a face cream with sun protection factor 50 when the sun is strongest. This also applies to Korean hair care – Tiffany Hwang She says Girls Generation's UV protection is number one tip for healthy, sweet-looking hair.

10 steps Korean hair care - treat your hair like Kpop princesses!

picture of Hardly any beauty

Korean women tend to have a healthier lifestyle than Westerners. Korean women not only have traditional fermented foods that are filled with minerals and vitamins like kimchi, but also tend to restrict portion sizes and exercise regularly.

Koreans have different standards of beauty than the western world, and lean bodies are preferred to curvy or athletic bodies. Women are proud of their health, and this is evident in their hair and skin.

Don't be put off by the number of steps – like Korean 10-step skin care, most of these steps should only be repeated once a week or even less.

The good thing about Korean hair care is that you don't just have to use Korean hair care products (though recommended). You can also select more accessible western brands that do the same job.

The most important part of Korean hair care is the scalp-based accent – after all, massages, vinegar rinses and soothing lotions are the key to a revitalized hair look.

After all, you don't have to use all of these products to obtain sweet curls. I recommend that you first try out some important products and then add more products to your routine as you go.

Products that develop my own hair the most Boar bristle brush (for massaging and peeling the scalp), Satin pillow (to reduce overnight friction), scalp treatments, SLS-free shampoo and Rinse vinegar. Of course, different products may work better for you. So read on to find out which ones are top for you.

Korean hair care: bestselling Korean hair dander

Bestselling Korean scaler: Innisfree Mint Green Tea Scaler

What is a scalp scaler?! As I mentioned earlier, the pillar of Korean hair care is to pay attention to the scalp. Scalp scalers are gentle scrubs that develop the condition of your scalp while removing accumulated and dead skin cells. The idea behind the scalers is the same as with difficult western explanatory shampoos designed to obtain rid of excess products.

The difference between scalers and cleaning shampoos is that scalers actually extremely useful In contrast to the clarification of shampoos, which are loaded with high amounts of harsh detergents such as SLS for "better cleaning" of hair and scalp. Watch the video below to see the effect of a scaler on your scalp from just one application.

I think it's one of the top scalers Innisfree Mint Green Tea Scalerastonishing for flaky itchy, dry scalp. When applied, the product gives a pleasant feeling of coolness, so you feel like massaging your scalp with ice. It feels less irritated and itchy and less dandruff!

Scaler reviews by Of Innisfree here

If you hesitate to try a scaler, you can exfoliate your scalp. Boar bristle brush (BBB). To exfoliate with a BBB, brush the scalp for 5-10 minutes before showering. This will remove dead skin cells on the surface of your scalp!

How to use a scaler

1. Apply the scaler evenly to your scalp.

2. Leave the formula on for 3-5 minutes depending on the condition of your scalp and then massage your scalp gently with your fingertips. If your scalp really needs some TLC, you can abandon the scaler up to 15 minutes.

3. Rinse well with warm water.

4. Wash with 1.5 times more shampoo than usual and then rinse the shampoo thoroughly.


Innisfree My Hair Recipe Revitalizing Scaling Oil (for oily scalp)

Beyond Deep Clean Cooling Scaler

  Korean hair care: bestselling Korean shampoo

The top-selling Korean hair shampoo: LG Reen Yungo hair remover care shampoo

Korean hair care focuses on using shampoos that are very gentle on the scalp: instead of using difficult ingredients such as sulfates, Korean hair care professionals gently formulate the shampoos using traditional herbs, natural essences and less stiff foaming ingredients on the scalp.

As I mentioned earlier, some Korean hair carers advise women to use two different shampoos in the shower – one to meet scalp needs and the other to clean hair from product buildup.

An astonishing shampoo is LG Reen Yungo's shampoo cleansing shampoo, which combines with the hair essence. and Hair care. It is said to be made by slowly pouring on 100 herbs and although I don't cognize exactly how it is, it smells of cherry blossoms and is formulated without silicone, which is always a plus for me.

Check out the LG Care Shampoo here


Kerasys lovely and romantic shampoo

Ryeo Jayangyunmo shampoo for sensitive hair

Ryoe Korea Ginsengbo Total Anti-Aging Shampoo

Wave massage

A good scalp massage is an essential part of Korean hair care. You can massage your scalp for 10-15 minutes before showering with your hands, wild boar bristle brush or scalp massage comb – or even in the shower!

Vibrating waterproof scalp massage combs have recently become very popular in Korean hair care because of their convenience. You can lather your shampoo and use one of these products in the shower for a few minutes to obtain astonishing hair.

Even though I've already used one of these devices, I found a cute rabbit-shaped scalp massager on Amazon for just a few dollars, and dozens of positive reviews show that it's incredibly good for hair growth.

  Korean hair care: bestselling Korean scalp massage

Check out this cute pink vibrating scalp massage that looks like a rabbit here!


MaxSoft Shampoo scalp massage brush

Korean women usually buy shampoo and conditioner in one pack – it is quite difficult to find a conditioner without being tied to a free shampoo. The main reason for this is that Korean women often prefer deep nourishing masks, treatments, and other medications over a conditioner when feeding their hair. Therefore, the conditioner is not used as often as hair masks.

Another reason why shampoos and conditioners fit together so often is their absolute comfort – the packaging is relatively inexpensive and tailored to similar hair needs that convince consumers.

The top-selling Korean hair shampoos and conditioners arrive from Ryeo – although the products are sold at pharmacy prices, they are formulated with gentle, nourishing ingredients that outperform expensive shampoos and conditioners for western salons.

My favorites are Ryeo shampoo and conditioner for sensitive hair, which keeps hair light and soft without weighing.

Check out the Ryeo shampoo and conditioner set here


Ryoe Korean Herbal Anti Hair Loss Damaged Hair Shampoo Cream

Ryoe Korea Ginsengbo Total Anti-Aging Shampoo

Somang Korean Red Ginseng and Herbal Scalp Remover Shampoo Set

Ryeo Chung Ah Mo Shampoo + Conditioner for oily hair

Like western women, Korean women apply their hair to the hair mask once a week. Leave the mask on for at least 10-15 minutes and obtain your work done while doing other "showering" tasks, e.g. B. shaving and washing your face.

Better yet, take a shower, wrap your hair in a plastic bag, and let the hair mask sit as long as you like while doing other tasks like cleaning or just watching Netflix.

Tony Moly's handsome mayonnaise hair mask is one of the top on the job. With egg yolk extract and shea butter, this product is a hair mask with holy bristles for everyone who has dry, brittle and damaged hair. I cognize the bottle may look a small flashy, but that's just Tony Moly's brand appeal – there's nothing special about this product!

Check out Tonymoly's hair bundle here


Nature Republic Argan Basic Deep Care hair pack

Skinfood Argan Oil Silk Plus hair mask pack

Etude House silk scarf hair care

A sheet mask for hair? Yes, it was time. After making hair masks for the face, lips, eyes and everything else, the next logical step was hair. Hair sheet masks differ from a normal hair mask and are supplied in one layer (duh).

When using the mask, turn your hair into a hair mask, twist and fix it instead of foaming on your head. You can then do your job while the hair mask absorbs more than 20 minutes.

There are many excellent hair sheet masks on the market, but since Kocostars hair package is so accessible for the salon at home, it is my favorite – even available ASOS & City plumbers!

I love hair layer masks because they make it very simple to abandon a nourishing treatment longer – you can literally do anything with it – watch TV, do housework or even jump into the supermarket (advice – if you do this, put on a cheerleader hat!)

Check out Kocostar's hair sheet masks here

How To Use Korean Hair Masks

1) Choose the hair mask instead of the hair mask once a week. Skip the conditioner after the shampoo, wrap your hair in a towel and let it dry for a few minutes.

2) Take the mask out of the packaging to expose the page (it should look like a paper towel).

3) Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and place the ends in the sheath.

4) Pull the sheet over your head and around the hairline, almost like a shower cap

5) Massage the hair mask onto your hair for a few minutes and then let go.

6) Wait 20 minutes and then rinse.


Etude House silk scarf double care hair mask

BRIOGEO don't despair, fix it! Deep trimmer hair cover system

Apple cider vinegar became the top hands and It's the cheapest investment I've made for my hair. This large bottle of oil only costs a dollar, but it lasts almost a lifetime. The natural pH of the scalp and hair is slightly acidic (between 4.5 and 5.5), most shampoos have an alkaline pH (7+).

This is why vinegar rinses are very useful for the scalp – apple cider vinegar is slightly acidic and provides the great pH for the scalp when mixed with water.

Some people do the vinegar rinses wrong, you don't want to pour everything out or abandon it on your head. You will only smell of vinegar.

How to rinse ACV at home

1) Mix a glass of water with two to four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to rinse.

2) After washing and rinsing your hair, slowly pour the mixture onto your scalp and let your hair run the entire length (be careful not to obtain it in your eyes).

3) Massage the mixture into your scalp, which will promote blood circulation and hair growth.

4) Rinse the vinegar after a minute or two.

they can Use a higher ACV concentration of 50% when rinsing, but be sure to smell of vinegar for the rest of the day. or week. You can abandon the conditioner for more than 2 minutes to remove excess product from your hair. However, this is not necessary.

Korean hairdressers have also developed fragrances without scented vinegar rinses that do the same job as an ACV conditioner. I found these Korean hair conditioners to be a small difficult to find on the western market, so I selected some of the top-selling "western vinegar conditioners" for those who want to try more professional vinegar conditioners (see below). I don't think these are really necessary – ACV will do the job for a fraction of the price.


Yves Rocher Rinse Vinegar

Natural first organic apple cider vinegar finishing conditioner with itchy / dry scalp oolong tea

Apple cider vinegar probiotic hair conditioner

Scalp masks are exactly what you would expect: scalp hair masks! Why is it so necessary to inquire? As described above, the structure of your scalp is very different from the rest of your hair, so you should treat it differently. My advice is to foam your hair on the scalp mask and treat it with a treatment mask at the same time – this saves a lot of time.

When it comes to scalp masks, Skinfoods Peppermint Fresh scalp is the most popular cult. It provides nourishment for dry and oily scalps. It balances the sebum production. If the scalp produces too much, it slows down and if it produces too small, it helps retain the oils you have. . This scalp mask provides a pleasant tingling and cooling when applied – it feels like a mini massage!

Check Skinfood's scalp mask here


Somang M Cerade Hydrating Hair Bundle scalp treatment effect

NEW REPUBLIC NATURE Olive Skin Cooling Hair Pack

DAENG GI MEO RI Refreshing nutritional hair pack against dandruff, itching and greasy scalp

Innisfree green tea mint fresh scalp conditioner

I cognize what you think – another scalp product ?! Yes that's true! Hair tonics are a great way to add a small more TLC to your root area. These products have not only been developed to fix an itchy scalp, but are also filled with nutrients that penetrate the scalp.

The top ingredient in hair tonics is biotin – this vitamin has been shown to promote hair growth and strengthen hair, which results in thicker, sweeter hair. Another great ingredient to look for is peppermint, tea tree, or a cooling essence – this will remove an itchy and irritated scalp as much as possible.

Since the scalp tonics should remain on your scalp after washing your hair, the effects of the product are usually more pronounced compared to a product in the shower. While hair peelers are surprising in their effects, they are designed to remove buildup in your scalp instead of giving your hair more thickness. The scalp tonic is designed not only to enable modern hair growth, but also to transform your hair into a thicker and fuller look and stimulate modern hair growth.

Check out Innisfree & # 39; s scalp tonic here


Aubrey Men's Ginseng Biotin Energizing Scalp Tonic

SKINFOOD Mint Fresh Scalp Comforting Tonic

A’PIEU Healthy Scalp Doctor Tonic

The scalp extract is quite similar to the scalp tonic. If you are using a scalp tonic and have a normal scalp, you can skip this step. Scalp essences and serums are designed for high-need scalps. If the scalp becomes oily too quickly or suffers from dryness, it is top to try scalp serum or essential oil.

These essences should remain on the hair all day for added protection. They differ from scalp oils such as scalp oils and deep treatments, which usually remain in the hair overnight before being washed with shampoo in the morning. This product is not one of them. Instead, it mimics the face serum that should be used before / after a facial moisturizer.

Serums are often filled with strong nutrients, but still feel so light on the skin. My favorite scalp solution is Milbon's Basic Law, which improves circulation and moisturizes the scalp, but not greasy.

Bir kafa derisi özü kullanmak için, parmaklarınızın üzerine veya doğrudan kafa derisine az miktarda ürün sürün ve iz kalmayıncaya kadar ovalayın. Bu esanslar günlük olarak kullanılabilir.

Milbon’un Temel Yasası Özünü İnceleyin buraya


Shiseido Adenovital Vital Saç Derisi Esansı V

İyileştirici Kuvvetin Ötesinde Profesyonel Saç Derisi Serumu

Moltoben Kil Esthe EX Saç Derisi Özü

Kafa derisi serumlarına benzer şekilde, Koreli kadınlar saç rutinlerini bitirmek için bir saç özü kullanırlar. Bu ürünler, saç bakım rutininizde daha önce kullandığınız diğer tüm ürünlerde sızdırmaz kılmanın yanı sıra saçlara elemanlara karşı koruyucu bir tabaka sağlamayı ve ayrık uçlarınolun.

Birçok Batı saç serumu gibi, Kore saç serumu ve esansları da genellikle silicone ve yağ karışımı içerir. Şimdi, silikonların saç bakımı konusunda kötü bir ü sahip olduğunu biliyorum, ancak silikonları bir serum içine koymak aslında tam anlamıyla mantıklı.

Siliconlar, kelimenin tam anlamıyla saçınız ve çevresi arasında bir katman oluşturan bileşiklerdir – su ve ürünlerin hem saçınıza girmesini hem de saçından çıkmasını önlerler.

Now, because you've already applied all the products with beneficial nutrients to your hair prior to using a serum, it makes complete sense to lock them in tighter. This way, they won't be able to "escape" the hair shaft.

Oils act in a very similar way, but have a different consistency (some oils, such as coconut oil actually penetrate the hair, but that is better to be used before having a shower, not as a abandon-in product). Therefore it really depends on your personal needs what type of hair serum / essence is the top for you.

Etude House’s Silk Scarf Essence is very popular in Korea because of it’s light consistency and rather affordable price – check out more reviews of it buraya!


Mise En Scene Damage Care Perfect Repair Serum

AMOS Professional Curling Essence

Skinfood Lychee Essence Mist For Damaged Hair