What kind of dress suits your body?


Dare to wear seasonal clothing body. It doesn't fit a body, everyone is fine, you just need to cognize which one is top for you.

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I am one of those affected body I won't deny that they are a very sexy dress with sensuality and yes, but I also found that they are very comfortable and you can hide any part of the body you want. I don't really cognize why I've never used them, but now they're my favorite clothes.

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Another thing i love body If you want to look very brave, you can find them in different materials like lace, polyester that compresses everything or fabrics. There is a really great propose and many colors, also with frills. It's about finding the one you like top and your favorite. You will not regret it.

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  1. When there are large bubbles

Wear body V-neck because they frame the chest and waist area. Avoid those with a closed neck or barbell, as they make this area more voluminous.

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2. If you have a full belly

Stay away from those who are strongly glued forward and because the fabric is thick. V cross and what are you draped, Let's say they complete your figure. There are also polyester and stretch fabrics that fit your body perfectly. This is my favorite because of my belly and that type body makes it great.

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3. If you have wide hips

Most Latin Americans have this feature and if you want to hide it or look more proportional, body Volume and ruffles or fluffy sleeves on top.

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4. if you have a small bust

Most clothing cuts will suit you well, the ones that give your breast the most volume Round neckline, halter and print.

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