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This coconut jalapeño margarita is a spicy, tropical variant of the classic tequila cocktail. Black lava salt gives the white drink a breathtaking edge. The spicy jalapeño is chilled by Cinco De Mayo to cool the coconut, or with a sip of zipper every day of the year.

Coconut jalapeño margarita

Coconut Jalapeño Margarita, a classic spicy tropical variant tequila Cocktail. The spicy jalapeño is tempered by cooling the coconut for a refreshing sip with a zipper. Blackened fish tacos go perfectly with the tacos al pastor, tamales and ceviche for happy hour (or late at night).

Fully fat coconut gives Coconut Jalapeño Margarita a good body and balances the warmth of Jalapeño. You can also use a light coconut milk, adjust the simple syrup and the jalapeño to take into account the lower fat content. Blanco tequila is used here and in traditional margaritas, but a reposado is also a delicious addition to coconut.

Tequila Fortaleza

In the past I had Fortaleza blanco This is for Margarita. I was lucky enough to visit the family distillery in Tequila in February (If there's almost nothing on my Covid radar, sigh.) I've visited other tequila beverage factories, but Fortaleza was a magical experience. It has given me a much deeper appreciation, not only for tequila, but also for the growth, harvesting and production of the entire category. It gave me the opportunity to see how the soul takes root and is intertwined with Mexican culture and history. Not only is it a source of pride for the agave plant, it's also fascinating and astonishing how many people in the Tequila and Mezcal regions support the living hood. I can't wait to share more about my experience with you Fortaleza See you soon!

Coconut jalapeño margarita



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