21 lovely DIY planter ideas indoor foliage for your home


As well Apartment building it means living in a confined space. Your unit does not have a green courtyard to plant something that can only stimulate the air or the mind. Now people prefer to live in an environmentally friendly way. What is meant by environmental friendliness is less waste and it can transform it into modern things and be more functional. So you can make cultivators of anything that is wasteful and useless. Here are some ideas you can do to make DIY planters.

Mason jar planter

With your creativity, you can turn waste into useful things like planters. It can really be a solution if you want to make a lot of green in the apartment. If you have jars that are no longer used, you can use them as planters. So you have your own green in your apartment. Since it is mostly a glass, you should be careful where you keep it.

If you have mason jars that are not used, you may be able to use them as a flower pot at home. It is fun to select plants that are suitable for planting at home.

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Make the house more lovely by hitting green. Use it as a saucepan to make a mason jar more lovely.

Use the mason jar to obtain a different look. After that, make a plant name with paper to find the species.

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Decorate the mason jar with a string around the pot and then select a picture or a plant according to your taste.

Make an attractive look for your home. You can use a mason jar to grow succulents. You can also embellish the pot with a string to make it different.

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Use mason jars to grow some herbs. You can put it in your kitchen so that you can easily obtain it whenever you want to cook it.

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These mason jar planters, which are painted in very pastel colors, look really valuable. You can add it with burlap, ribbons and lovely fabric materials to make it lovely.

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Painted clay planter

You don't have to buy a modern flowerpot to plant, just DIY. Use ancient pots or clay pots to become planters by painting with fresh colors and unique characters. Sometimes doing it with your kids is more fun. It can also be a good parenting activity. So instead of buying planters, painting this pottery is the top way to renew or renew boring brown pottery. Super simple, super funny and super satisfied.

Choosing a clay pot is something completely different. I'm not talking about coloring this irregular white and creating a suitable combination.

Choosing a dark blue metallic color is indeed an elegant yet simple color for this wild clay pot. Match with many lovely plants.

This clay pot has a very mossy white color to give this flower pot a different look. Choose a houseplant that fits this pot.

This brightly painted clay pot shows a modern nuance in your home. In addition to immersion and painting, the great color combination results.

This white painted clay pot can be created by drawing what you want. As with this pot, draw a flower that looks slightly attractive.

The use of painted paint has a really kind color. Choose bright colors to beautify.

If you have a creative idea, you can select different colors to embellish this clay pot. This painting can inspire you to make this clay pot more great.

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Wood planter

You don't have to buy this cultivator. You can put your green in a wooden planter, in which the wood itself comes from ancient wood or wooden furniture that can no longer be displayed well. Maybe it was a box to hold something, then you turn it into a unique breeder. They are interesting planters as long as you put your ideas and creativity into it. If you find only one tree lying down, take it and let it become a magician. Then you can turn it into a lovely earthen wooden pot.

Using a wooden pot accent made of square wood makes it environmentally friendly and fresh.

With wood, the wise choice turns into a pot. Tubular wooden containers and lovely meaty accents give a great impression.

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The geometrically shaped wooden pot on the wall is appealing and the combination of lovely green plants makes this wooden pot even more special.

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If a wooden pot hangs on a cone-shaped accent from lovely plants, it looks attractive.

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With a simple wooden block-shaped wooden flowerpot combined with fresh green plants. This gives you an attractive and simple look.

Decorative and innovative in this pot. Because wood accents are used as material for the production of flower pots. The wooden flower pot also gives an environmentally friendly and minimalist impression.

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See that this wooden hexagon planter can be decorated with succulents and roses. Try this for your kind and happy home atmosphere.

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If you can use these junk items, you can definitely save your money. With the small budget you spend, you can have a good DIY planter. Now you don't have to worry about where to place it. If you can use these junk items, you can definitely save your money. With the small budget you spend, you can have a good DIY planter. All you can do is be creative and try to select good colors that match the design of the room. Also note that the apartment has a limited variation where the size of your unit is already divided by your furniture. So do not step on the ornaments as you want to live in a relaxing area.



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