21 cheap apartment furniture ideas with DIY project


Some people say that renovating a room is not always expensive Furniture or you can renew all furniture by purchasing. Instead of spending a lot of money, you can renew it with home improvement. If you mix how to commence, here are some ideas to help you minimize the cost of renovating a room.

coffee table

The classic or retro style that took place years ago has finally become a pop. From fashion to furniture, there is still a faithful fan of classic or retro design. If you've never been to a vintage store, you have to check out this store for a while. You obtain what you are looking for, for example a coffee table. An ancient or wasted coffee table that is still in good condition can replace your coffee table beforehand. It fits into all interior designs, such as B. farmhouses or rustic interior designs.

The round dark wooden coffee table presented in your living room feels the touch of the farmhouse on your coffee table with blue iron legs

A round DIY wooden table in Scandinavian style, so your coffee table is not calm and flat. It offers small ornaments and houseplants to make it thinner

DIY round natural wood table is applied to the living room to make it more attractive on the coffee table should it be carved with a boho motif to give a different impression.

The distressed look of this coffee table is suitable for your rustic living room decor. To beautify the appearance, you can put dried flowers in the transparent glass that is placed on the table.

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DIY farmhouse coffee table looks classic in the form of a treasure chest. You can add a succulent to the coffee table to make it more interesting

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A gray wooden coffee table in this living room creates a modern atmosphere in which the floor can hide several items and can be decorated with a houseplant on top.

This natural wood coffee table is designed to be as simple as possible so that it stays minimalist in your living room. You should add a houseplant with an attractive container so that it looks unforgettable

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You can also buy a trash chair in a vintage store for a cheaper price. However, make sure that its condition is still good. However, sometimes you fall in love with the design of a chair, but you have learned that your pillow is no longer in good condition. A simple problem that also has a simple problem. All you have to do is commute the cotton in the pillow or any other filling that makes it more comfortable. Don't forget to follow the design theme you've applied to your room.

With this minimalist black chair, you look simple when you use this simple chair

With an industrial chair used in the corner corner home office, it simply seems that this chair combines some ingredients from industrial dishes

A DIY chair that looks unique like what you propose in the home office of your apartment, because this chair looks unique. It consists of this yellow-painted iron made of iron and wood.

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This elegant looking DIY chair and sofa are suitable for presentation in a living room with a Scandinavian theme. To make your chair and sofa comfortable, you can add some kind of soft white foam to make it look shiny.

You can add a DIY wooden chair made of black, soft foam so that you can rest comfortably, feel comfortable while relaxing or reading a book

DIY chair that is applied to your living room by using it like bamboo and adding a cloth that turns into a soft foam so that you feel comfortable when using it and select the colors that match your theme

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This is very simple to deal with a Mew rack that doesn't want a lot of money. You can still DIY to obtain it working again. Old wood, still in good condition, could be a modern shelf for you. Sometimes you have to make your scratches an artistic place that is initially noticeable. Or if you find iron scrap with a classic or classic look, all you have to do is overhaul and then paint to make it safer without replacing a single piece! You will receive a modern shelf with an ancient testicle.

You can propose a natural hanging wooden shelf with some cup placement features neatly arranged in your kitchen apartment, as well as a hook under the shelves to hang your mug

You can apply an industrial kitchen to your home, as well as a vertical wooden hanging rack to hold some ornaments or houseplants to fill your kitchen.

Vertical hanging shelf where some tropical plants are placed that will look kind when put together. Then you can apply them to your living room. Then you will feel a green note

It is a DIY hanging frame made of white wood and uses pieces of branch to feel a natural touch for its support. You can apply this hanging rack to your bathroom to store some toiletries.

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Industrial hanging rack to support wooden pallets and iron wood pallets. and has the function of placing the small ornament you have.

DIY hexagonal hanging frame made of wooden pallet material to place a lovely houseplant succulent plant that you can apply to your living room wall.

DIY round hanging rack in which small ornaments of your child are kept to hang on the wall, which you can use with a strong rope

The hanging shelf made of white wood, which is available in the corner of your apartment, is practical because you can use it to place the houseplant and some small ornaments

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These are some examples of how you can turn ancient items into high quality furniture. Or, finally, you can do simple maintenance, like cleaning, without much effort to look good, since you only need the original texture to complete the design of your room. Everything above is probably cheap projects. You don't need a lot of money and discover your creativity.



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