Best containers for food preparation


I share my selection of the top food containers and jars that keep your food fresh, warm up evenly, and withstand the time test. Stop wasting your money, these are the absolute top containers!

as well Freezer containers and Kitchen appliancesThere are so many options when it comes to food preparation containers and it is simple to obtain confused. I am here to obtain rid of part of my crisis by sharing the containers I use in my kitchen daily and weekly!

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A good container for food preparation

  • Be airtight and keep your food fresh in the fridge
  • Be secure in the microwave for simple warming up
  • Free of BPA and other chemicals
  • can be washed in freezer, oven and dishwasher

It can be very overwhelming to seek for food preparation containers on Amazon! I think testing jars for food preparation is part of my job so I can tell you my honest opinion and say there are some good and bad.

Today I share the food preparation containers that we use to obtain the top value for money in my kitchen.

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Watch the video below that introduces some of my favorite food preparation tools and containers! More recipe videos can be found here: Youtube channel.

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The top containers for food preparation

For a serving of cooked food, look for a good container with a capacity of 2-3 cups. I recommend glass for many reasons (see. 5 top containers for the preparation of glass food) means that you keep your food fresh, heat it evenly and remove chemicals.

In addition to delivering 2-3 cups of food preparation containers, it's great to have some larger and smaller sets. You will find sets in various sizes (such as the Kinetic Glassware Kit below) that are great for storing alert-to-eat chicken, rice, vegetables, and more.

Here are my favorite food preparation containers:

three glass containers for preparing food with fried rice

Snapware 2 Cup Glass storage boxWhy do i love you so much It's just about the cover. Even after about four years and who knows how often in the dishwasher, the lids are not bent and always fit perfectly.

In addition, I really put these containers in the ringtone. They were frozen, cooked in the microwave, put in the dishwasher and used to store countless recipes. I have at least 40 of them … and I can't recommend them enough, really the top food preparation containers!

Update – I'm also a large fan of IKEA's glass preparation jars. You can find different sizes with plastic + glass options, lids, wooden lids and more. They look great to me and the caps are of good quality.

Glass food preparation container filled with chickpea noodle ingredients

Snapware 6 Cup Glass storage boxAgain, I generally love the Snapware brand. This 6-cup glass container is great for storing food, energy bites and vegetables.

Top view of breakfast food in multi-dimensional containers for food preparation

Kinetic 22-piece glass works This is actually the first glassware set I bought. I use it routinely and it is available in different sizes. This is great if you are just starting to invest in glass storage containers.

My only complaint about these guys is the caps … It's much more difficult to attach to containers than Snapware. After opening, however, they are secure. I use this a lot, especially to store ingredients for preparing food in the fridge, but I trust my Snapware for the daily recipes for preparing lunch.

Update – I've heard great things about it Glasslock 18 pieces food preparation set. If I do everything over and over again, I'll probably invest instead.

Stuffed mushrooms in 8-cup containers for food preparation

OXO Good Handles 8 cups spill-proof food storage container I bought these to buy freezer-friendly oversized storage containers as an alternative to gallon freezer bags, but they're still small enough to hold standard-sized freezer dishes.

The lids are of good quality, but after repeated freezing / thawing the containers, it was difficult to install. After 3 years I feel like they are still a quality product.

Mug of Pasta Corningware Meal Mug

Corningware Food Cups I work from home these days, but while working from home, I loved using them for storage Soup. paprika or anything else that should be warmed up because I couldn't find a thermos to heat food until lunch. These heat your food evenly and it's simple to eat your food outside.

The only warning is that you should keep them upright as they can obtain into your lunch box. I've never had this problem!

Plastic storage container

We still use some plastic storage containers. The advantages of plastic are that it is light and portable for travel and safer for children.

Look for BPA-free and disposable containers. Our Rubbermaid containers have been with us for years and still look good!

Fruit in glass bowl preparation with dipping in small glass bowl

Rubbermaid 1/2 cup food storage container I use it for that fall, Dressing, small portion of trace mix, etc. I have not yet found a small glass storage container to do the trick for it. Let me cognize if you have any suggestions for me!

Pancakes, fruit and yogurt in a plastic container with several compartments

EasyLunchBoxes triple bentoThese triple storage boxes are great for trips with children! They are light and surprisingly contain a lot of food. We have had it for four years and use it several times a week.

Cuppow insert in a mason jar

Cuppow Canned Jar Lunch Box AdapterTurn the wide-mouth mason jar into a storage container with 2 compartments! These are great for dipping in vegetables and for holding dip or muesli for parfait.

Although it requires some investment, it is BPA free, dishwasher secure, and made from recycled materials. I don't mind paying a small more for a product that is as good for the environment as it is useful!


Hello, my name is Denise and I am a glass. I love mason jars and use them for almost everything you can imagine: smoothie packs, glass salads, salad dressings, parfait, vegetables and dip, and yes, I drink from them too!

I buy most of my glasses on the market. I'm also a fan of jar jars with glass lids, but it's expensive and definitely an investment.

five glasses filled with smoothie ingredients

Pint-sized glassesThese are my most used glasses and I use them for many things: Smoothie packs and Glass of saladsalmost all. They are inexpensive, durable, freezable and versatile. When I buy my first mason jar set, I prefer the wide neck version (below) because freezing is safer and eating is more convenient.

Wide neck mason jar filled with parfait

Wide neck pint glasses One so far parfait From a conical mason jar you cognize: no Beuno. For recipes like parfait or oats at night, I recommend a few wide-mouth glasses.

1/2 pint mason jar filled with pan sauces stacked together

1/2 pint jar Now I had trouble finding these special glasses on Amazon.com, but I connected to a similar glass.

These are ideal for smaller portions … Stir the gravy and use it occasionally for trace mixing once my 1/2 cup storage containers are over. I had no problems freezing liquids in this glass.

a night oat in the wake up tulip glass

Weck 746 1/5 liter tulip jar, 12.5 oz– cute but also functional! These glasses are great for night oats, have glass lids and are well frozen / thawed.

Instant pasta cup made from 2 submerged bowls

Weck 742 molded glass – .5 liters– Large size of 2 glasses of liquid. We routinely use these jars to freeze beans or chickpea portions.

Purple line

These are my favorite containers and glasses for preparing food. Is there one I missed? Let me cognize in the comments.

Take care of yourself,

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