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I share my selection of the top freezer containers to protect your food from fresh and freezing burns. From sacks to soup warehouses to containers for preparing food and more.

Just like choosing the right one Containers for food preparationIt is also important to select the right container to freeze your food! While cooking under my freezer belt for years, I got my mistakes and shared my top choices for freezer containers to avoid wasting time or money.

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A good freezer

  • Be airtight and protect your food from icy burns
  • Be secure in the microwave for simple warming up
  • Free of BPA and other chemicals
  • can be washed in freezer, oven and dishwasher

Filling the freezer can be a enormous investment in time and money, and it is important to protect that investment by choosing the right containers for your food.

Quality first

When choosing freezer containers, it is important that quality comes first. Choose containers that do not crack or leak when the temperature changes. This can mean that you deposit additional money in advance, but in the long run you save money and food waste.

For example, reusing pasta glasses or other containers is great for the pantry, but it is not advisable to use food for freezing, as they are not designed for dramatic temperature changes. Instead, select a can of glass that is more durable and less likely to crack. You will also find containers specially designed for ice cream.

Yes, you can freeze the glass!

Glass is an excellent choice for the freezer, but you need to be careful:

  • Select containers and glasses for the preparation of dishes with the label "freezer-friendly".
  • Do not use ancient mason jars to freeze
  • Make sure that the food has cooled completely before freezing
  • Leave room for extensions (a good rule is to fill no more than 3/4)
  • Keep the lids apart or temporarily away from the jars until the food is completely full
  • Do not put the jar directly from the freezer in the oven or in the microwave

Are you looking for environmentally friendly options? payment Ideas for storing plastic freezers

Watch the video below to take a look at my freezer. I share my plastic-free storage methods, the staples I buy every week, and more! More of my recipe videos Youtube channel.

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My suggestions for freezer cases:

A series of glass containers for food preparation filled with fried rice

Snapware 2 Cup Glass storage boxPerfect for cutting and freezing fully cooked dishes. These containers have a durable Pyrex base that is secure for the freezer, dishwasher, microwave and oven. I have had this for almost 4 years and the caps are still sticking large. I don't recommend putting frozen foods directly in the microwave, but I did if necessary.

I am also a large fan of IKEA glass preparation containers. You can find different sizes with plastic + glass options, lids, wooden lids and more. They look great to me and the caps are of good quality.

large glass container for the preparation of food, filled with ingredients for chickpea noodles

Snapware 6 Cup Glass storage boxThis 6-cup glass container is great for storing smaller dishes, energy bites and vegetables.

Plastic freezer bags filled with ingredients are held open and upright by the green bag holder

Jokari Baggy Holder This small hanging holder makes it easier to prepare food. The arms can be extended and you can use them in smaller quadruple bags to freeze chicken marinades (no raw chicken will touch the outside of the bag anymore!). Freezer slow cooker meals.

They are also great for reusable silicone bags.

Freezer bags made of plastic, filled with ingredients for cooking a freezer

Gallon freezer bags Freezer bags are ideal for preparing frozen meals in bulk and when you don't have space for several large containers. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and maximize space in your freezer.

When buying freezer bags, always make sure that the packaging contains "freezer" and a double zip. Otherwise there is a risk of bags falling into the freezer.

small plastic freezer bags with chicken and marinade

Quart freezer bags For a marinated chicken eggI recommend a pouch because it will reduce frost burns and maximize the chicken coating with marinade. These are also great for energy bites and more.

When buying freezer bags, always make sure that the packaging contains "freezer" and a double zip. Otherwise, there is a risk of bags falling over your fridge or freezer.

Marinated chicken in a small, reusable silicone bag

Sandwich scale stasher bag– Nowadays I use silicon-sized stasher bags in sandwich size for storage in small quantities (ie for marinating 2 chicken breast fillets). They are freezer-friendly, can go through the top shelf of the dishwasher and have significantly reduced the number of plastic bags we use.

Larger (1/2 gallon) reusable silicone bag that cooks the freezer crockpot

Half gallon stasher bag

– I use 1/2 gallon silicone stasher bags for larger quantities. Perfect for smaller baking dishes (like this one) 7 Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes), but most frozen foods are still too small to fit, so I trust 3-liter IKEA glass containers for these large dishes.

reusable label on the container for food preparation says

Erasable food labelsThe number one rule to freeze meals? YOUR FOOD LABEL!

I love these erasable food labels from Jokari: stick them on the food preparation container once. Label it with any pen. The writing remains open until it rubs. Labels can be run through the dishwasher during freeze / thaw, microwave heat, etc.

12 plastic freezer glasses filled with soup with freezer door

Bernardin Plastic Freezer glasses I've been using these glasses for years! They are very durable, have screw caps and a filling line, so you can abandon enough space for extensions. These also have a good section.

Stack of three-quarter mason jars filled with bone broth

1 liter mason jars– I have frozen homemade soups + bone broth in 1 liter mason jars for years and had no problem cracking the glass. Be sure to use a mason jar (not an ancient pasta sauce jar) as these are more durable and can withstand temperature fluctuations. I am bound Wide neck glasses and not the conical ones because it's safer to freeze. However, I also had no problem with conical glasses.

Freezing in glasses – Fill the glass 3/4 (max.). Allow the liquid to cool completely before freezing. Leave the covers ajar until they are completely filled.

Parchment paper– Perfect for loosely wrapping cakes, energy bites and other baked goods that are kept in a larger container for food preparation. This can help protect food from burns in the freezer.

Plastic packaging– For wrapping breakfast cakes, frozen breakfast rolls and other items that have to be packed individually. This is still the top way to avoid the freezer from burning.

Purple line

These are the tips for my top freezer containers! Let me cognize if you have a favorite that I missed!


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