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With these time-saving food preparation tools, you can prepare your meals quickly and efficiently! They help you multitask by freeing your hands and mind.

When it's time to prepare for dinner, we cognize it's multitasking. as well top food preparation container or Freezer containersChoosing the right kitchen appliances is also an important choice. I share my top decisions to make predictions for you!

Collage picture with devices for food preparation

These kitchen appliances

  • free your hands
  • Accelerate the preparation or the cooking time
  • Avoid additional dishes

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and have no time for senseless kitchen appliances. These are works on kitchen appliances that I use daily or weekly and that help me to make my food preparation efficiently!

Slow cooker with grated chicken

Crock-Pot 6 Qt programmable Koch & Slow Cooker– I have three slow cooker crock pot brands and this is my favorite! It's cheap, simple to use, and does its job well.

One of my favorite tips for preparing food is the shake pot stew! Let it work for you and focus your energy on more important things.

small slow cooker with two forks of chicken schnitzel

2.5 quart stew I love this slow cooker a smaller chickenand basically for half batches of all of my slow cooker recipes. If you are a smaller family, it is really great!

Aroma brand rice cooker

Rice cooker I cognize you can cook rice all over the stove, but if you are like me, you will be distracted, go away and the rice will cook and then you will have a large mess to clean. With a rice cooker, put your ingredients, "commence" and go away. No more mental energy needed.

I use my rice oven more than I thought and use it for other types of grain, including quinoa.

Top view of food processor containing cauliflower rice

7 cup food processor I always use it to do that Energy bites based on history (or poles), humusor Cauliflower rice. There is no bell and pipe model that does the work it has to do.

Mix the hand blender orange soup

Hand blender– saves time and food when making mixed soup – you no longer have to put hot soup in a blender!

6 liter finished pot

6 liter instant pot & 8 liter instant potOver the years I've fallen in love with my instant pot on heels and an absolute rock star when it comes to preparing food. From simple knowledge such as cooking chick-peaat full meals like me Ready Pot Moroccan Lentilsmakes the preparation of dishes simple and efficient.

Chef's knife– A quality knife makes it much easier to cut vegetables or meat. Here is what I have and love.

Kitchen scales– I use this to weigh chicken (it is important to cognize how to cook), bake flour and much more.

Cookie spoon– Another kitchen appliance that I think I'll probably never use … but I always use it! Mainly to collect energy bites, but also to make dumplings of the same size. I use 1 tablespoon of cookie spoons For Energy bites and 1.5 tablespoons of cookie spoons For meatballs.

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These are my favorite kitchen appliances and tools. Is there something i missed? Let me cognize in the comments.

Take care of yourself,

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