23 elegant french tip coffin nails you should see


French lace is a classic mania that is popular and very simple to wear. The design usually has a bare or light pink base color with stunning white ends. As with every nail trend, the design has changed and modern versions are being created. However, we have 23 French coffin nails that we can show you. We chose the coffin shape because it is stylish, simple to carry and looks good for a long or long time short. Look, there is something for everyone. We have stylish French manicures, modern versions, lovely nail art, glitter, glamor and much more!

1. Simple French Tip coffin nails

The first nail idea is simple and super stylish. There are medium-length coffin nails here. The nails are bare with classic white tips. This is a great mania that is suitable for everyone and every occasion. Create a similar look or try the design on longer coffin nails. You can also try a pinker nail base.

Simple french tip coffin nails

Source: @nailsbybano

2. French tip nails with butterflies

Since classic French tips are white, they also match other nail art. This design offers lovely butterflies! As you can see, each nail has one or two butterflies in bright colors. This is a fun and good idea to try and would be great for summer. Butterfly nail stickers are available online and there are many different colors.

French tip nails with butterflies

Source: @nailsbyoddi by

3. French V-tips

The next nail idea is like a modern version of French tips. Some nails are white and some are bare with white V ends. As you can see, the nails are like a classic French mania, but instead of moving along a single line on the white tip, it has a V shape. This is just another way of wearing looks. Rebuild this or put v tips on all nails.

4. Glitter tip coffin nails

Next, let's take a look at a super glamorous French tip to show you. The nails are bare with lovely glitter tips. All four nails are decorated with rhinestones. The nail colors glitter, nude and rose gold and the glitter look stunning together. Such nails are great for a special occasion like a wedding.

Coffin nails with glitter tips

Source: @dressys_nails

5. elegant nail design

French ombre has become one of the indispensable nail looks. Ombre art uses the same colors as French hints, but with a mixture of colors and not with a striking line. It looks stunning as you can see. This mania has long coffin nails with stylish tips, a mixture of French ombre and shimmering silver glitter. It shows how to wear two French lace in a lovely look and design.

6. Glittering coffin nails with French tips

How glitter and glamorous nails? Look at that! While some nails have smooth and shiny white tips, one nail on each hand is white with silver glitter. Both nails are decorated with small rhinestones. A very kind and bright design. This is another mania that is great for a special event. Instead of silver, other shimmering colors can also be used.

Glittering coffin nails with French tips

Source: @nailsbybano

7. French tips with cherry

The next nail idea is one of our favorites because it's so cute! There are long coffin nails with a bare easy color and white tips. Each nail is also decorated in a playful way Cherry pattern! Cherries were made with green varnish and red rhinestones. You can buy red rhinestones online and need a very fine brush to paint the green art.

Cherry French Tip Nails

Source: @sheadbeauty

8. Thick blue tips

If you confuse it and want to try a bolder look, you can try the lively French tips. The mania below is a good example. All nails are bare with light blue tips. It still gives you the chic French look, but with a splash of color. This design will be great for summer. Recreate the blue nails or try the tips in a different color.

Thick blue tip long nails

Source: @sheadbeauty

9. French tips with yellow glitter

Then we have a sweet and colorful idea. All nails except for one have the classic French mania design. The accent nail shimmers a small in thick neon yellow color. We love yellow because it complements the French tips wonderfully and makes a statement. This small house and the sparkling mania will suit everyone. Try the yellow look or use a different light color.

Shimmering yellow French Tip Nails

Source: @nailsbybano

10. Long nails with V tips

How the latest v tips? If so, look at this mania. We have bare nails here and everyone has a large white V-tip. You can create v tips yourself with nail tips or a template. Simply paint your nails naked, create the desired V shape with stencil or tape. Then paint the white like you did. There are more detailed online tutorials.

Long nails with a V tip

Source: @sheadbeauty



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