23 ideas for auburn hair colors are to be adopted in 2020


There are many different hair colors, but one of the most popular is brown. As with any other color, there are different dark and light brown tones. One of the shades of brown that should be chestnut. Chestnuts have a medium brown hue and usually a red hue. Red can be pretty bold or just a subtle tint, it all depends on how you want to wear it. We found 23 different versions of the style to show you how stunning the auburn hair color can be. There is something for everyone and there are also some fabulous cuts and styles!

1. Chestnut hair color bob

First there is a maroon bob. This is a long bob because the hair has a length that sits just below the chin. While the hair is dark brown, it highlights light brown and blonde. Both cut and color are lovely and simple to use. Due to its manageable length and the color of the sun kiss, this look is ideal for summer.

Chestnut hair color bob

Source: @domdomha is

2. Glam Color Melt

If you want to shine your look, this next hair idea is for you. We have long and lovely hair here. The root is dark, then the hair mixes with a lighter shade of brown and then changes back to a warm chestnut brown. We love melting this color and the whole style is breathtaking. The color will look great on everyone and gentle waves are great for a special occasion.

3. Chestnut properties

You don't have to be too fat with the chestnut color, you can use it for highlights. This hair is a brown hue that looks almost black with maroon highlights. As you can see, it really lifts and brightens light brown hair. So if you have very dark hair that requires jazz, this is the great way to do it.

Featured in chestnut hair

Source: @paigeaha is

4. Accessories hair idea

The next idea of ​​hair is just lovely. The hair for this look is very long and a small darker at the root, but the rest of the hair is warm auburn. The hairstyle is provided with some cute pearl hair accessories. We love style, cut and color and the accessories complete the picture. Try out the hairstyle for every occasion and add accessories for special occasions like weddings or proms.

5. stylish maroon bob cut

Next we have a stylish chestnut cut. Thus, the hair is medium long with curls and medium highlights. It shows a kind style that you can only try with auburn color. This is another great style for summer as it has a beach vibe. You can recreate this, or try cutting and coloring with straight hair.

Stylish chestnut long bob cut

Source: @_edwardsandco

6. Idea of ​​copper-colored chestnut hair color

As with any color, chestnuts have different shades. Some are darker or lighter than others, and others have warm copper tones like this. The hair is very long with shades of brown and red. Most of the copper color is on the top layer of hair, so that the underlying brown is lightened. The color is striking and quite expressive. This color is a great way to dye your hair.

7. Stylish ombre hair

The next idea shows a stylish and stylish way to wear maroon. The hair for this look is long with dark brown and semi-maroon color at the root. The color commute creates a stylish ombre effect that's pretty bold due to the flat style. This is a look that is suitable for everyone, trendy and simple to wear.

Stylish ombre chestnut brown hair

Source: @maxdomyha is

8. Brown, auburn, and blonde hair

If you like blonde and brown hair, you need to check this out. We have wavy long hair here. Most of the hair is dark brown, maroon and yellow. The blonde color is just in front of the hair, which makes the overall style more natural and sun kissing. Just a stunning hairstyle and very summery.

Idea for brown, auburn and blonde hair

Source: @_edwardsandco

9. Chestnut Elegant Ponytail

This next hair idea is one of our favorites as we love both color and style. The hair is a wealthy auburn shade and her long hair has been transformed into a sky-high ponytail. This gives us Ariana Grande Vibes and it's just breathtaking. It shows a stylish and eye-catching way to style auburn hair, and such a ponytail can be worn up or down for any occasion.

10. Trendy brown hair with fine sharp highlights

Are you looking for something thinner? If so, this can be great for you. This style includes a dark brown bob with maroon highlights. The maroon color is added only slightly, so that the dark shade is removed, but is still reserved. Such a cut and such a color are great for those who want stylish and simple to use hair.

Trendy brown hair with thin chestnut

Source: @domdomha is

11. Chestnut Ombre Hair Idea

Next we have another ombre look that shows you. The hair is dark brown and chestnut ombre is added. It is a kind color combination and looks great with waves. This is a great way to try a lighter color like chestnuts because if you decide you don't like it, it grows easily. This ombre fits all hair types and lengths.

Chestnut ombre hair idea

Source: @_edwardsandco

12. Brown and chestnut properties

The next idea of ​​hair shows a different way of emphasizing. For this look, the hair has a dark brown color with maroon and blonde highlights. Chestnut and blonde perfectly complement the dark root color. This is a lovely and stylish style that will really liven up your hair. Recreate something similar or add more blondes for a bolder look.

Brown and chestnut properties

Source: @ gina.devine

13. Chic and chic bob

We love the next hair idea, it is one of our favorites. There is a stylish and stylish bob here. The hair is cut into a short chin-length bob with highlights. All hair is combed back to achieve a very stylish and refined look. If you want to completely transform your hair, select the cut and color.

14. Hot chestnut hair color

At the beginning of the post we shared the chestnut color with copper tone. If you liked the Spicier chestnut color, this may also be great for you. This time copper colors are a bit thinner. As you can see, the hair is dark brown with fiery chestnut accents. This is a stunning color idea and will really transform your hair. A great look for autumn and winter.

Warm chestnut hair color idea

Source: @stylesbymaddy

15. Chestnut color mix

Then we have another breathtaking color mix that we can show you. As you can see, it is very dark at the hair root. Halfway there, the color changes to chestnut. An astonishing color that will look great on everyone. Recreate this color mix or select a style that resembles the maroon highlights.

Chestnut color mix

Source: @ gina.devine

16. Beautiful brunette hair

The next hair idea is lovely and great for those who love beach waves. For this look, the hair is dark with auburn and blonde highlights. The hair is also wavy and gives the general style a boho summer air. If you want to lighten your hair for the warmer seasons, this is a great option.

Nice brunette hair

Source: @paigeaha is

17. sweet shortcut

How a shorter cut? If so, give it a try. Here we have a short bob cut that is longer at the front and shorter at the back. The hair also emphasizes the fashionable chestnut. This is a stylish and stylish hair idea and will suit everyone. You can recreate it or try a stylish and flat version of the cut and color.

Nice shortcut

Source: @michelleha is

18. Dark hair with auburn highlights

Next we have another fine color idea. This time the hair is very dark and light chestnut color is only added to the ends of the hair. Adding a small amount of color like this will make your hair jazzy, but in a reserved way. The hair not only looks very stylish, but colors like this are also simple to maintain. It grows by itself and can be used again if desired.

19. Chestnut hair with blonde highlights

The next idea of ​​hair is very lovely and summery. Long hair transforms into beach waves for this look. Most of the hair is chestnut colored with additional blonde balayage highlights. The light blonde really enlivens the chestnut color and looks very beachy and stylish. If you want to revitalize your hair for summer, try something similar. Different shades of blonde go well with both warm and cool chestnut hair color.

Chestnut hair with blonde properties

Source: @ gina.devine

20. Stylish chestnut features

Layer cuts Here is one of the indispensable requirements, and here you will learn how to carry the trend. Here we have dark brown hair with auburn highlights. We love this because it really highlights the chestnut layers. This is a very stylish and lovely hair idea that suits everyone. You can try a shorter version of the multi-layered cut that looks stunning too.

21. Retro cut with bangs

Everyone loves retro. Get these TV shows, clothes, and hair now! Here's a cute and stylish cut that's great for those who prefer the trends of their time. As you can see, the hair is cut in a layered, fluffy style. It is a kind chestnut color. This is a fun, unique and edgy hair idea that will make you stand out from the crowd of styles.

22. Long chestnut hair

If you like curls and long hair, you need to check out this hair idea. Here we have dark brown hair with an additional chestnut color of approximately medium brown. The hair is also shaped into soft curls. This is a lovely and simple to wear hairstyle that will beautify your look. The cut, the color and the style are versatile and fit every occasion, from work to night.

Long chestnut hair

Source: @maxdomyha is

23. Sun Kissed Hair

The last idea of ​​hair we have to show you is bold, stylish and sun kiss. This style has long chestnut waves with additional blonde highlights. The blonde shade is quite warm and therefore goes perfectly with coffee. This is another summer hairstyle and great for the upcoming warm seasons. Try a warmer shade of brown like caramel for autumn and winter.

Sun Kiss Brunette Hair

Source: @stylesbymaddy

We anticipate you enjoy these stylish auburn hair ideas!



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