27 inspiring furniture design ideas for your small living room


When faced with a small area of ​​your living room, it seems very difficult to make it look spacious. This problem also occurs when you add some furniture to this area, which makes reaching even more impossible. However, there is always a solution to maximize your confined space. Read the tips below to obtain the most out of your furniture design ideas.

1. Go with wall shelves

The size of the furniture is important when choosing small decorating ideas for the living room. You can invest in assembled shelves that give the wall a kind accent. This storage option is also suitable for working in empty rooms on a wall.

In this modern living room, a floating shelf can be used for storage in addition to the screen. Hang the device on the wall for a modern geometric design.

The floating box shelf in the living room neatly organizes your book collection. They not only raise the screen, they also do not affect the functionality of your living room floor.

By installing a large floating shelf in the living room, you have the opportunity to display larger ornaments. Mark it with decorative lights to make the screen more dramatic.

Floating boxes on the red hall walls form a very interesting contrast. Add attractive wall decorations on the edges of the wall to complete the look of the living room.

If you prefer a special and unique design, make your own shelf box from an ancient suitcase and a chest. With a few special tricks, you can make this design the middle of the living room.

You can make used wooden boxes as floating shelves to complement the look of your rural living room in ethnic style. Add something interesting like a bull's head ornament to great the look.

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2nd Set up a bar lean table

Choose slender desks with a simple and compact design to save more space. This type of furniture is simple to mix with other decorations that you can use to easily develop the living room decor.

The living room in the modern industrial style with a stylish slender table does not look crowded, even if the space is not very large.

This small loft-style living room is attractively packaged thanks to minimalist furniture such as modern sofas and stylish, slender bar tables.

A really small song space can be created with the right color combination. Modern coffee tables great the view without making the room feel crowded.

A great harmony creates balance and symmetry that work very well in the modern living room. A minimalist table with drawers can be a clever solution in your small living room.

Some timeless, not stylish items will serve the small guest room for years to arrive. Be sure to select a compact sofa and a timeless, minimalist, lean table.

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3rd Backless sofas

Set up a backless sofa to highlight the interior of your small living room. This type of sofa can help you create the illusion of a large area and remove the cramped impression of a small space. In a larger living room, this sofa can also be used as a partition for two seating areas.

This small living room looks spacious and fresh and has a backless sofa that can be used from both sides. The selection of lively motifs and colors makes the room more spacious.

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If you have a small living room, using a backless sofa can be a good idea. A suitable color palette makes the living room optically wider.

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This backless sofa not only makes your living room wider, but also multifunctional. These can be day beds that you can use for confectionery.

This minimalism of the living room does not make the room stylish. With a modern sofa with an open backrest, the living room with an open brick wall with decorations corresponding to its partitions looks very attractive.

In the two-sided living room, a sofa without a backrest is used, which offers seating on both sides. This clever way of not going aside, this sofa and the decoration with an extraordinary design are the focus of

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4th Invest in multi-purpose furniture

Placing multi-purpose furniture is another solution to design the great layout for small living rooms. Instead of buying lots of furniture, select one that offers double or triple functions.

The living room table has a folding top on which there is enough storage space for books and magazines. Other popups themselves can be used as a comfortable desk.

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A coffee table with shelves in the living room can be very useful if you want to read magazines or newspapers on the couch. This decoration, which has a minimalist look, does not affect the look of your living room.

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Using a stone basket for a side table in the living room is a good idea. This rod cart also moves easily around the house for multi-purpose use.

In smaller rooms, you may not have a living room or floor space for the famous air bed or sofa bed. You can use the daybed for a kind seat and an additional place to rest.

A smaller side table is a good choice for your living room sofa. This multi-purpose table is not only used as a side table, but can also be a convenient base for your coffee.

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5. Choose a placement table

Choose space-saving furniture such as floor tables. The look is not only fantastic, but this table can also be adapted to all field conditions. Simply pull in or out to meet your space requirements. Choosing furniture design ideas for a small living room can sometimes confuse you. Try the tips above to obtain the top solution!

A modern nesting table can do everything from a remarkable innovative coffee table. You can play with arrangements to decorate the room seasonally.

This modern living room has thick colors that are not exaggerated to achieve a minimalist look. Straight lines of stackable tables give the room a stylish look.

The coffee table in this neutral living room has three shapes: square, rectangular and round. Some living room furniture looks modern.

An unusual coffee table gives the living room of the modern apartment an industrial look. It looks solid, emphasizes a few screws and makes this living room look more masculine.

The nested coffee table looks lovely in this small modern living room. One of the three parts of the set can also be used as a charming coffee table next to the sofa.

Nested coffee tables with golden frames give the room a wide look. Modern curved designs look more impressive when used correctly.

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